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What Smoking Alternative Can Help Quench Nicotine Intake?


The new generation of smokers is finding ways to curb their nicotine intake. Why is this so? It’s simple. For one, they want to save on money they spend on vices. Another reason is, that there are “more pleasant” alternatives to smoking.

Add the fact that several studies show that young people of today are not as much into cigarette smoking as generations before them. They do not like the smell that permeates their skin, clothing, or the environment.

Now, more and more resort to using vapes and other smoking alternatives like nicotine pouches, patches, or e-cigarettes. However, these differ from each other in a lot of ways.

How smoking alternatives differ from each other

We all know that smoking leads to serious illnesses. So, if you’re a heavy smoker, isn’t it time to switch to something that offers fewer risks or nothing at all? Well, it depends on the kind of person you are.

Come to think of it. People who have been smoking since time immemorial will always get a dose of nicotine. Even if they made a thousand promises to cut on nicotine intake and try to totally stop the habit, there will be times that they will crave for it.

It is not quite clear which cigarette alternatives give more advantages or are there any at all? Let’s find out the risks that smoking alternatives bring by comparing them to smoking cigarettes.

Cigarette smoking vs Vaping

So, let us say that vaping or e-cigs are less harmful than smoking. Up to what degree are we talking about? We don’t have the numbers, but the experts have them.

According to research conducted by Johns Hopkins University, even though vaping and e-cigarettes are less risky, they are still not safe. There are around 7,000 chemicals involved in manufacturing cigarettes from original tobacco leaves. Many of these ingredients are toxic.

In recent years, almost 3,000 cases point to lung injuries or upper respiratory tract illnesses due to using e-cigarettes or vapes. Not only that — there have been a number of deaths, too!

Other users alternately smoke and vape. They think that they can slash nicotine doses using both, lessen the craving, and (again) save some money. If both methods pose dangers to one’s health, why use both?

Cigarettes, just like the electronic types, contain nicotine. What’s more, nicotine puffs from an e-cig or a vaping device can be boosted, unlike ordinary cigarettes. Thus, there is a higher concentration of nicotine in this type of alternative.

Cigarettes vs Nicotine pouches: Which is safer?

The technology resulting from brilliant minds has come so far when it comes to searching for ways to curb the appetite for nicotine. Now we hear that there are nicotine pouches. These are alternatives to smoking that are placed between your gums and cheeks. This means you place them inside your mouth.

This smokeless alternative has no recorded data showing they are really wiser and safer alternatives to cigarette smoking. The only thing a lot of users know is these are not regulated by the FDA and are not considered tobacco products.

It is said to have side effects which include:

  • Gum irritation
  • Hiccups
  • Sore mouth
  • Nausea

Previous users say that nicotine pouches can bring back nicotine addiction. This is once other tobacco products are used alongside them. This underscores the possibility that there is always a dark side to using products you are not quite familiar with.

On a positive note, if a friend who is into nicotine pouches has quit tobacco smoking, there is a high chance to wean him off. To get free from nicotine enslavement, you can ask your friend to take the safer route.

Going the safer route

If your goal is really to quit smoking, then, there are other alternatives that can ease up your cravings for nicotine such as:

  • Patches
  • Nasal spray
  • Nicotine inhaler
  • Gums
  • Lozenges

While medications offer good results, there are some contraindications that go with each. That’s why it is imperative to talk to an expert on this subject or a professional medical practitioner before trying any treatment for size.

The more you know, the less risk you will get into. You can also try to do meditation, yoga, or just be mindful of what you think and feel. In the end, you will see that your mind can rule over anything.

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