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Navigating Saudi Arabia: Your Guide to the Kingdom’s Hidden Gems


Saudi Arabia is well-known for its extensive cultural legacy. Muslims have made it their spiritual home from the beginning of time. Tourists from all over the globe are now welcome in this stunning country, where modernity coexists with ancient traditions. Some of the most beautiful places on Earth are located in Saudi Arabia, and now that the kingdom is welcoming tourists, you may see them for yourself. As if that weren’t enough, Almosafer simplifies the process of booking a trip to Saudi Arabia. Below are some of the hidden gems of Saudi Arabia waiting to be explored:

  • Umluj

Umluj is home to a plethora of natural attractions, such as a large volcanic mountain range and a beautiful, turquoise sea. The geographically diversified city of Tabuk is an ideal location for adventurers. Get away to the mountains, where the weather is cooler and the scenery is more breathtaking. While navigating the volcanic terrain, be careful to have the right equipment to climb slopes and enter and exit caverns. Those who choose not to hike might instead go snorkelling in the Red Sea from a boat. Explore the underwater forest on a swim and encounter several different kinds of fish. Umluj is the ideal location for any kind of vacation.

  • Al Wahba Crater

Navigating Saudi Arabia: Your Guide to the Kingdom's Hidden Gems

A fantastic place to go trekking and see nature at its purest is Al Wahba Crater, a spectacular natural volcanic crater. Geologists have settled on an eruption where groundwater met hot lava as the source of the crater, but several theories have been advanced about the crater’s beginnings. This location is a remarkable 250 kilometres from Taif, so getting there will be an adventure in and of itself. During the day, go for a stroll around the peak to take in the breathtaking scenery and fascinating rock formations. Because the crater is 820 feet deep, reaching its base takes around an hour.

  • Al Souda

Perched atop the Kingdom’s tallest peak in the Abha area, the town of Al Souda offers breathtaking views across the province of Tihama. One of the most well-known tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia, Abha is filled with lush tropical woods. Al Souda is unique in that it maintains a temperate climate all year round. Have fun on the 1,600-metre-highest cable car ride in the world. View the valleys and nearby villages in the Tihama plains in all their glory with the help of the magnifying binoculars set up in some areas of Al Souda. Dine at one of Al Souda’s excellent restaurants or have a fantastic BBQ in an upbeat and entertaining setting.

  • Jazan

Navigating Saudi Arabia: Your Guide to the Kingdom's Hidden Gems

Jazan, the Pearl of the South and a genuine hidden jewel is situated on the southwestern frontier of Saudi Arabia, close to the borders with Yemen. Thanks to its pleasant, alpine climate, Jazan is the ideal summer getaway, and it never fails to provide its guests with a peaceful experience. Delicious figs, mangoes, and papayas are also native to this vast agricultural region. Many have called the verdant valley of Wadi Lajab in the Al Reeth governorate “heaven in the desert.” It lies between two mountains and is surrounded by lush vegetation. Water that flows coolly throughout the year in the valley enhances the already revitalising atmosphere. An excellent approach to relax and get back to nature is to set up tents and go rock climbing there.

  • Mada’in Saleh

The first-ever Saudi UNESCO World Heritage Site—an ancient oasis of wonder—lies within a sequence of overlapping cliffs and mountains. The tale of Prophet Saleh, as told in the Qur’an, is the subject of Mada’in Saleh, which has undergone many names, including Al Hijr, Hegra, and others. Located less than 22 kilometres away from its more well-known relative Al-Ula, this site is well worth a visit for its archaeological remains, stunning rock-cut tombs fashioned from sheer sandstone, and old colossal façade. Furthermore, the commercial route most often used to connect Egypt, the Levant, Mesopotamia, and southern Arabia was Mada’in Saleh.

  • AlUla

The distinctive landscapes and terracotta cliffs of this spectacular valley have attracted people from all over the world. Travellers seeking adventure can discover Al Ulla’s hidden treasures. Here, geological artefacts from thousands of years ago touch on long-lost civilizations, oasis towns and palm trees in the desert paint breathtaking scenes of nature. Here is a treasure trove, waiting just to be cut and maintained.

  • Abha

Abha, the hidden gems in the mountains of Asir, will enthral you with its timeless beauty. Here in this mountainous region, you can get lost in the greenery, refreshing weather and breathtaking scenery. Enjoy local coffee as you explore the tropical Asir National Park and the historic cities of Habala and Al Saudah. At Aura, you can experience a one-of-a-kind tour that combines rich history with breathtaking scenery.

  • Al-Qassim

Explore Al-Qasim, a place rich in tradition and history, and discover its historical riches. In this UNESCO World Heritage Site you can see the impressive Buraidah Fortress, stroll through the beautiful Al Qassim Historic Village and explore the long-lost town of Diriyah Visit the colourful local markets to see the ancient art of camels run around and taste authentic Saudi Arabian flavours tasting desserts. Visiting Al-Qasim is like visiting the cultural mosaic of the kingdom.

  • The Red Sea

Red Sea attractions include scuba diving, kayaking, sailing and relaxing on the beautiful white beaches off the west coast of Saudi Arabia. In response to the global interest in this iconic destination, fine resorts with prestigious hotels have sprung up, and it’s up to visitors to enjoy all that it has to offer.

You have just started exploring the many lesser-known but fascinating places in Saudi Arabia. Discover the hidden gems of Saudi Arabia and go off the beaten path for lasting experiences. Keep in mind that real adventurers like to get off the beaten path because that’s where you’ll see the real character of a place. Saudi Arabia invites you to live your best life by embracing authentic experiences, discovering local secrets and immersing yourself in your imagination. Gather your emotions, get ready for an amazing adventure and watch the magic of Saudi Arabia unfold right before your eyes!

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