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Ethereal Ashes Skull And Bones: A Complete Guide On How To Get Ethereal Ashes


Certain goods that the Mysterious Rogue sells require Ethereal Ashes as payment. They’re difficult to find, as you are already aware, but it’s probably because you’re looking in the wrong spot. In Skull and Bones, here’s how to obtain Ethereal Ashes.

Where to Find Ethereal Ashes in Skull and Bones?

Ethereal Ashes can be acquired by defeating an elite foe, the Level 8 ghost ship Maangodin, much like the Monstrous Tooth currency.

How to Find the Maangodin for Ethereal Ashes?

The Maangodin ghost ship can be encountered in two different ways. The first is to accept the Oceans Apart quest and have a conversation with the Mysterious Rogue at The Oubliette. The alternative is to go to the location on the map where there are rumors of a Spectral Sighting. In either case, the ship won’t show up until nightfall.

ethereal ashes skull and bones

I discovered that the easiest method to tell if it’s nighttime is to dock close by and check to see if my character is using a lamp. This guarantees that I’m not merely traveling through a storm or beneath clouds. If the weather suddenly cools off while you’re close to the Ghost Ship, your crew will also let you know.

How to Beat the Ghost Ship, Maangodin?

The Maangodin in Skull and Bones is said to be immune to damage, which makes the rumors unique. That is largely accurate. Maangodin’s two weak points are the skeletal filigrees that are located near the bow on either side.

All other areas are protected from harm if both skulls are present. The ghost ship becomes vulnerable on the side where one skull is destroyed. When both skulls are removed, Maangodin is left totally exposed. It’s time to give everything you own. But the ghost ship is not left defenseless for long. In a brief amount of time, maangodin regenerates both its immunity and its protective skulls.

Maangodin lifts out of the water and turns invulnerable when its health reaches about half. Encircled by mist, it teleports to a nearby location. The worse it gets, the more often this happens. Even though it took a while for the Ghost Ship’s health to drop, I was able to defeat it on my own. Fire is effective against it, continuing to inflict damage upon reloading.

Maangodin Rewards

  • Tarnished Ring (first defeat only)
  • Ethereal Ashes
  • Vengeful Essence
  • Treasure Map (Old)
  • Precision Drilling Bit
  • Screw Mechanism
  • Mysterious Chest

What are Ethereal Ashes Used for in Skull and Bones?

Five items can be purchased with Ethereal Ashes from The Oubliette’s Mysterious Rogue. In addition, she will give you 3,000 Silver for completing the Ocean’s Apart quest with the Tarnished Ring.

  • 50 Ethereal Ashes in the Mysterious Chest.
  • The Blue Specter blueprint is x50 Ethereal Ash.
  • Hessel’s Anguish: fifteen Ethereal Ashes.
  • Twenty Ethereal Ashes, or Hessel’s Pride.
  • Ten Ethereal Ashes are Hessel’s Treasure.

ethereal ashes skull and bones

Ethereal Ashes are also required in order to craft the Blue Specter. To construct the strongest Sea Fire weapon, you’ll need x25 Ethereal Ashes, x5 Vengeful Essence, x2 Rubber, x2 Precision Drilling Bit, and x1 Wyrm’s Breath.

In Skull and Bones, that is the way to obtain Ethereal Ashes.

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