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Pacific Drive Open Headset OS: How To Manage Open Headset Prompt In Pacific Drive?


While developers are actively working on a fix, players can bypass the Open Headset OS prompt in Pacific Drive by pressing Tab and advancing through the mission.

Pacific Drive Open Headset OS

In the survival game Pacific Drive, users take a cool car and travel around the Pacific Northwest. On the other hand, a message known as the Open Headset OS Prompt appears on some players’ screens even after they finish tasks.

For players who want to keep driving and exploring new areas, this can be annoying. For players who prefer to play uninterrupted, the Open Headset OS Prompt may be a source of annoyance. Everyone would enjoy the game more if this problem could be fixed.

How to Manage Open Headset OS Prompt? 

The “Open headset OS” prompt that Pacific Drive players encounter can be avoided by using the Tab key. This brings up a menu containing vital details, such as mission and inventory screens. On the other hand, some players claim that even after hitting the Tab key, the objective is still visible on their screens.

pacific drive open headset OS

The only known alternatives is to carry on with the mission and substitute an other goal for the recurring prompt. Since the game’s release, the developers have issued two updates, indicating that they are actively addressing the problem. A remedy is being developed and ought to be put into effect shortly.

Since there is an easy workaround and the bug doesn’t affect the game’s functionality, fixing it might not be as important as it should be. It is recommended that players wait for a solution with patience and continue to enjoy the game.

Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive is a 2024 survival game developed by Kepler Interactive and Ironwood Studios that sends players searching for safety in the Pacific Northwest. Metal monsters and first-person perspectives are features of the game, which is set in a picturesque setting. The station wagon is an asset that can be customized, providing opportunities for customization and repair.

The game was created in 2019 and released for Windows and PlayStation 5 on February 22, 2024. Although the game received positive reviews, some critics pointed out that the gameplay was repetitive and difficult, combining enjoyment and challenge in the survival journey.

Pacific Drive Gameplay

Pacific Drive is a survival adventure that takes place in the Pacific Northwest’s Olympic Exclusion Zone in 1998. Gamers can do on-the-go repairs, manage vehicle diagnostics through a headset, and customize their vehicle at their garage. The garage’s Inventing Station is essential for gathering resources and building devices that open up new paths, add fuel, and disrupt zones.

pacific drive open headset OS

In addition to navigating obstacles and electrical anomalies, players must plan repairs and contend with challenges like metal monsters and weather. It’s not just a matter of surviving; in order to get out of the zone, players can interact with non-player characters and find crafting recipes and blueprints.

In order to access gateways and go back to their garage, they must gather energy cores in each level. This causes the dynamics of the game to change, becoming more hostile.

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