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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth How to complete Stuck in a Rut, Completing the Repairs and Rewards


Set out on a treasure hunt to find the straggling repair supplies, making use of Belle’s special skills to find hidden objects all over the Junon area.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth How to complete Stuck in a Rut

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Quest: Stuck in a Rut

• Find Gabe at his ranch in Junon region.
• Find a mountain chocobo to fix the carriage.
• Wrangle Belle, the mountain chocobo, by solving a puzzle.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth How to complete Stuck in a Rut, Completing the Repairs and Rewards

• Talk to the repairman at the cabin for materials.
• Find three sets of materials: north of Belle, near a dilapidated building, and under a tower structure.
• Return to the cabin with all three sets of materials for repairs.
• Return to Gabe at the ranch to finish the quest.

You will gain rewards for fixing Gabe all three times: a queensguard bangle, party experience points, enhanced affinity with Aerith, condor cedar and mellow oak items, and Chocobo Carriage fast travel between Grasslands and Junon without passing through the Mines.

Completing the Repairs and Rewards

abe’s ranch carriage will get the necessary repairs after all three sets of materials are gathered and given to the repairman. Once the repairs are complete, go back to the ranch and meet Gabe to complete the quest.

When the repairs are successfully finished, you’ll be given a number of incentives as a thank you for your help. Among these benefits are:

Chocobo Carriage Service:

Unlock quick transit between Grasslands and Junon, eliminating the need to go through the Mines and offering practical travel choices.

Valuable Items:

Ten condor cedar and ten mellow oak pieces are yours to keep; these are necessary materials for crafting and improving equipment.

Queensguard Bangle:

Acquire this formidable add-on to bolster your group’s defense or offer special capabilities.

Party EXP:

Accumulate experience points for your group to aid in their growth and advancement along the path.

Individual EXP:

Get 700 experience points to split up among your party members and help them develop personally.

Affinity with Aerith:

Invest more time in getting to know Aerith; this could lead to new dialogue choices or plot twists.

In addition to representing your accomplishment of the quest, these rewards offer real advantages that will help you on your travels through the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth universe.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Square Enix is the company behind the video game Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. It’s the sequel to a series that recreates the classic Final Fantasy VII video game. You take on the role of mercenary Cloud Strife and his AVALANCHE group allies.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth How to complete Stuck in a Rut, Completing the Repairs and Rewards

They are attempting to vanquish Sephiroth, a formidable foe, and prevent the Shinra company from causing harm to the earth. The game combines role-playing, strategy, and action. It picks up immediately after the events of Final Fantasy VII Remake, the original game.

2019 saw the team begin work on Rebirth even before the first game was completed. It was first revealed in 2022, and on February 29, 2024, it was released for the PlayStation 5. When the game first came out, it was a huge hit.


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