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Canon Couples In LoL: Know Everything About LoL Canon Couples


Amidst the chaos of League of Legends (LoL), a vibrant universe where complex narratives unfold and champions engage in epic battles, love finds a place. There is a dimension where romance blossoms and connects the lives of well-known characters in the game’s rich lore, beyond the realms of summoner spells and pentakills. This is a list of every canonical couple that helped to create a loving and connected tangle amidst Runeterra’s chaos.

Xayah & Rakan

Canon Couples LoL

Rakan and Xayah were both released simultaneously. She is a valiant rebel who battles to keep her people, the Vastaya, safe from injustice. She enlists Rakan, who is madly in love with her, in this endeavor. They function best together because their skills complement one another.

Ashe & Tryndamere

Canon Couples LoL

What Ashe and Trynda are all about is love, duty, and strength. As the king and queen of the Freljord, they are the first couple in League of Legends.

Senna & Lucian

Canon Couples LoL

Prior to her release, LoL players were well-versed in Senna. We knew she was Lucian’s wife, that Thresh had her imprisoned. Up until he released her, Lucian never gave up. Now that they are back together, the two are battling evil together.

Vi & Caitlyn

canon couples LoL

Even though the two women are just starting to date, Arcane is the reason this ship is currently well-known. Though they aren’t “official” in League of Legends, Riot has a special place in their hearts for the team that fights crime.

Illaoi & Gankplank

canon couples LoL

Though they are no longer together, Illaoi and Gankplank once shared a unique bond. She did, however, decide to trust Nagakaboros over Gangplank. “The Burden” delves deeply into Illaoi’s emotions.

Leona & Diana

canon couples LoL

Diana and Leona stand for competing forces. Diana embraces the power of the moon, while Leona is the sun’s radiant light. As selected champions, they are united in their efforts to safeguard Targon, despite their differences. Their relationship is characterized by confrontation and resolution, a struggle between good and evil.

Ezreal & Lux

canon couples LoL

Lux and Ezreal aren’t really dating. So far, all we know is that Ez is really crushing on her. But since this ship has been around for a while, we couldn’t resist adding it to the list.

Garen & Katarina

canon couples LoL

Garen and Katarina have a complex relationship characterized by respect and admiration for one another’s fighting abilities. Their conflicting loyalties and the knowledge that they are supposed to be enemies are the sources of the tension. In spite of this, there are times when the two champions’ attraction is visible and suggests a deeper bond.

Of course, a lot of the characters have unfulfilled romantic feelings for one another. Lux had a crush on Sylas, but he deceived and abused her. Although Zoe really likes Ezreal, he is more interested in Lux. Additionally, it appears that he has a crush on Rakan’s already-taken Xayah.


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