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Overwatch 2 Venture Weapons: Also Know About Its Abilities And How To Play


The tenth season of Overwatch 2 will see the debut of Venture as the new DPS Hero, who will bring a variety of new skills, ultimates, and weapons to the battlefield.

With these earth-shaping skills, you can force your way to victory in the game while dealing a ton of damage and becoming a real pain for the opposing team.

What Is Venture’s Weapon?

When you play as Venture, you’ll be able to use the Smart Excavator, which fires a seismic charge that explodes after a short distance.

venture's weapon overwatch 2

This goes against many of the other drill-based abilities of the weapon, providing you with range flexibility instead of the expected melee nature. Since Venture is a DPS hero, having a range of damage sources allows them to maintain their competitiveness in ground combat.

This weapon appears to be projectile, so you’ll need to lead your shots and aim with precision. It should not be too difficult to execute the burst at close range, so your next task is to confront your opponent directly.

All Venture Abilities

  • Burrow
    • Go underground to become impervious, then come out to attack
  • Drill Dash
    • Hurry forward, driving adversaries back.

Venture appears to have two extremely potent abilities that are capable of upending even the most formidable defenses.

Burrow is practically the opposite of Doomfist’s Ultimate power, since Venture burrows beneath the surface and gains invulnerability. This seems like a really powerful tool for breaching a bunker defense, though it’s not quite as stealthy as you might think because your position is always apparent.

Conversely, Drill Dash serves as a kind of dual-purpose ability, allowing you to move aside or open up new movement paths in addition to eliminating specific enemies. This ought to support Venture’s mobility, which is always essential to a DPS’s success.

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  • Explorer’s Resolve
    • Temporary shields are granted by using abilities.
  • Clobber
    • Rapid melee increases damage.

venture's weapon overwatch 2

To aid them, Venture also has access to two Passive Abilities. The initial one is Explorer’s Resolve, which aligns them with Doomfist once more by providing shields upon using abilities. When playing, make sure to take advantage of this as it can make Venture extremely difficult to take down if the player gets into a rhythm.

Clobber is the other passive that boosts melee damage. This makes sense given that the object you hit with the drill is enormous, but it’s still very beneficial.

Venture’s Ultimate Ability

The new Ultimate Ability you can use with Venture is called Tectonic Shock, and it causes harm by shooting shockwaves through the earth.

This appears to be comparable to Reinhardt’s Earthshatter ability, but instead of knocking enemies to the ground, it deals damage. The way this works with shields is still unknown, but if done right, I think it will be very potent.

How To Play Venture In Overwatch 2

Venture will be accessible in the game for a brief trial period starting on March 28. Be sure to grab them and give them a try before the time runs out!

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