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Wuthering Waves Special Broadcast Program


Kuro Games revealed earlier today that on March 29th, they will host a Special Program Broadcast on YouTube.

The developers will discuss feedback from the CBT2 and a significant announcement during this live stream.

Let’s review our current knowledge.

Special Program Air Time

You can watch the Special Program for Wuthering Waves by clicking on the video above, which will be available on YouTube.

The live broadcast is scheduled for March 29 at 19:00 (UTC+8).

The talk will cover important subjects related to Wuthering Waves’ future for about twenty minutes.

What to Expect?

We can anticipate hearing from the developers regarding an important announcement and a thorough review of the CBT2 feedback, as they have already stated.

Wuthering Waves Special Broadcast Program

The Wuthering Waves development team had previously published a lengthy set of Development Notes outlining the main criticisms they had received for the second closed beta and detailing their efforts to address them.

During the live stream, we’ll probably get an overview of the Development Notes.

The significant announcement, on the other hand, is still unknown, but given how eager players are to play Wuthering Waves worldwide, we hope it has something to do with the game’s official release.

Once the livestream concludes, we will provide you with additional information, so be sure to return here the following day.

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On March 29th, Kuro Games’ Wuthering Waves Special Program Broadcast will take place. During this broadcast, the developers will go over the feedback they received from the second closed beta test and make an important announcement.

An in-depth examination of the Development Notes and reactions to player feedback are promised during the event, which will be a crucial stop on the game’s path to an official release. Given the developers’ dedication to openness and advancement, any news is likely to represent a big advancement.

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