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New Destroyer Ship Upgrades Helldivers 2


All of us were excited to begin playing the new Warbond that Helldivers 2 had released, but we were unaware that Arrowhead would also be releasing several ship upgrades at the same time.

We’re all going to be farming Super Credits since Democratic Demolition launched today, but while we’re at it, keep an eye out for samples. They are going to be necessary.

Arrowhead surprised their ecstatic fans with these new upgrades without prior notice or announcement. They appear to be very helpful in the future and come in a set for every module in your Super Destroyer. To test them out, we simply need to gather enough samples.

Upgrades To New Ships In Helldivers 2

You will need to buy the earlier innovations before you can buy the new upgrades. Since they are all level 4, when we eventually unlock them all, amazing things should happen. It will take some time to farm all the necessary samples because they are very expensive, but at least we will have something to do while we blow the Automatons to bits.

New Destroyer Ship Upgrades Helldivers 2

XXL Weapons Bay

The Ministry of Defense has worked out a way to expand the Eagle’s Weapon Bay to hold more bombs. It was really easy to figure out. Remove all items that are not explosive.

Airbags, ejector seats, and the entire fire suppression system are therefore no longer present. The good news is that this update will cause all Eagle stratagems with multiple bomb drops to drop an extra bomb.

Even though the pilot may not make it, Helldivers 2’s bots won’t know what hit them. You will have to pay 25,000 R for 150 super samples, 150 rare samples, 150 common samples, and 150 common samples.

Improved Burning

If you want to use fire-based weapons to do more damage, what could be a better way than adding a bunch of hazardous chemical accelerants to the fuel? Since there is nothing better, Helldivers 2 made that decision. As a result, your stratagem fire damage will increase by 25%.

Now all we have to do is summon the stratagem and watch the bugs as they scream in pain. We could even have a barbeque using the heat from the blasts.

There will be 200 common samples, 150 rare samples, 15 super samples, and 25,000 R required for the Enhanced Combustion Upgrade.

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Absorption Of Blast

In Helldivers 2, you can reduce the amount of damage that explosions deal to your sentries by 50% by strengthening their armor with expanding peanut-shaped polystyrene. Super Earth’s geniuses have been working very hard.

I won’t inquire as to how they came up with this novel concept, but if it works, the time spent gathering samples is worthwhile. Twenty super samples, 150 rare samples, 150 common samples, and 25,000 R will be needed.

Monitoring Of The Atmosphere

Super Earth’s best contribution to our battle is a subscription service that provides real-time weather data streams. Although it’s not Netflix, we can’t really complain if it helps.

With the current weather in Helldivers 2, we can reduce the Orbital HE barrage spread by 15%. It will cost 200 common samples, 150 rare samples, 15 super samples, and 25,000 R to upgrade the atmospheric monitoring system

Extension Of Circuits

In Helldivers 2, the Ministry of Defence has discovered a method to cause lightning arcs fired from turrets and weapons to leap to one more enemy. The announcement states that the upgrade will safely join several external arc extenders into a single, long linear chain, enhancing electrical weaponry.

New Destroyer Ship Upgrades Helldivers 2

Although we’re not entirely sure what that means, helldivers don’t have to know. It costs 200 common samples, 150 rare samples, 20 super samples, and 20,000 R, that’s all we need to know.

Better Packing Techniques

Give the all clear for your entire team to enroll in an 8-week box packing course. Though I’m sure you’ll come up with something, we’re not exactly sure what you’ll do for those eight weeks.

By the time the training course is over, your crew will be so proficient in packing that every resupply box will be filled to the brim with carryable magazines for your support weapons.

Since the Quasar Cannon in Helldivers 2 has an infinite number of applications, it is still unclear how this will impact it. You will need to pay 20,000 R, 150 super samples, 150 rare samples, and 150 common samples for this upgrade.


That’s all the information you require regarding the new ship upgrades and their price. Fans have been impressed by Arrowhead’s ability to quietly release new content yet again. We’ll be looking for samples, but we’ll also be trying to extract as much information as we can from the new Warbond.

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