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Goddess Of Victory NIKKE: Guillotine Best Build Guide, Team & More


Everything required to create the best Guillotine build in Goddess of Victory NIKKE is covered in this guide.

Seeking to get the most out of Guillotine in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE? This guide includes all the information required to create the best possible build for Guillotine in Goddess of Victory NIKKE, including suggested teams, gear selections, and skill priorities

The Best Guide For Building Guillotine In Goddess Of Victory NIKKE

Guillotine is a machine gun-wielding SSR Electric Attacker. Her attack buffs and HP sacrifice are the main components of her kit. She can self-buff Critical Rate and Damage and is very good at dealing single-target DPS. This is the explanation and how-to to assist you in creating her ideal build:

Goddess Of Victory NIKKE: Guillotine Best Build Guide

Guillotine Skill

  • Skill 1 drains 2% of max life after 30 normal attacks, but it gives a 9.28% Crit Rate buff for 10s. HP
  • When 150 attacks have been made, Skill 2 increases Crit Damage by 14.69% for 5 seconds and gives up to 99% bonus ATK based on HP missing below 70%.
  • Burst deals enormous damage to the enemy with the highest ATK, dealing even more damage if Guillotine’s HP is less than 50%.

Guillotine Advantages And Disadvantages

Guillotine has exceptional damage potential due to her high-risk, high-reward playstyle. She must, however, take some time to fully ramp up, and healing lowers her S2 ATK steroid. She is also a self-centered DPS with little use.

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Guillotine’s Ideal Team Structure

Guillotine is a good fit for electric teams that emphasize dealing single-target damage. Perfect allies raise her Crit stats or assist in controlling her HP threshold. Several viable choices for Guillotine’s squad configurations in NIKKE include:

Goddess Of Victory NIKKE: Guillotine Best Build Guide

  • Volume (B1): Crit synergy
  • Mast (B3): Boosts max HP without healing to enable S2 faster
  • S. Anis (B3): Reduces reload time to minimize DPS loss
  • Scarlet (B3): Adds screen clear Burst

Equipment & Cube Selection For Guillotine

Put Attack and Electric DMG substats first when using gear. Her kit is enhanced by Resilience or Bastion Cubes, which shorten reload times or increase survivability.

Is It Worth Building A Guillotine?

Definitely for Elysion teams. A superior DPS option for single-target content such as raid bosses is Guillotine. Just be aware of her weaknesses and create teams that play to her strengths.

Guillotine can take down enemies with the best of them if he has the correct build and allies. With any luck, this guide will provide you with a strong basis to help you realize her full potential!

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