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The Blackcoat’s Daughter Explained: Why Is Joan Crying?, Bill and Lauren’s Daughter!

In February (also known as The Blackcoat’s Daughter), Osgood Perkins wrote and directed a Canadian-American supernatural psychological horror film. Actresses Emma Roberts, Lucy Boynton, Lauren Holly and James Remar feature in the film.

Video-on-demand distribution through DirecTV Cinema began on February 16th, 2017, after the film had its world premiere at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.

In the United States, A24 distributed it to theatres on March 31st, 2017. The picture was well-received by critics, who lauded the actors’ work.


  • Bill and Linda are traveling with Joan, an asylum escapee played by Emma Roberts.
  • Shipka plays Katherine, a shy freshman who is haunted by an evil spirit while attending Rose’s high school.
  • Rose (Lucy Boynton) is a feisty high school senior who worries she may be pregnant. The two of them are stranded in school for the winter break, so Kat joins them.
  • Bill and Rose’s mother, Linda, is played by Lauren Holly. She despises Joan.
  • Rose’s father, Bill (James Remar), is a compassionate man who is married to Linda who drives Joan to her destination as a sign of generosity.
  • Father Brian, the boarding school priest, is played by Greg Ellwand.
  • Ms. Prescott, a nurse at the boarding school, is played by Elena Krausz.
  • Ms. Drake, a nurse at the boarding school, is played by Heather Tod Mitchell.
  • boarding school headmaster Mr. Gordon is played by Peter James Haworth.
  • Peter Gray portrays Rick, Rose’s lover, in this film adaptation.
  • Emma Holzer plays Lizzy, Rose’s best friend who discovers that she might be pregnant before anybody else in the group does.

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Joan’s Return to Bramford and An Explanation of The Resolution

the blackcoat's daughter explained

Joan’s return to Bramford and the demon’s subsequent failure to rekindle their relationship are shown in this film’s conclusion. After Katherine has killed the nuns and Rose, the headmaster has her undergo an exorcism.

She begs the demon to stay with her for as long as she needs him to. A dark, horned figure can be seen in the far corner of the room. It’s clear, however, that the exorcism was successful because the demon is no longer attached to her.

Nearly a decade later, Joan returns to Bramford and visits the boiler room where it all began. The devil does not return once she sacrifices Bill and Lauren’s heads. The boiler has cooled down to a comfortable temperature.

After Joan has left the school, the film ends with her going down the street. She screams and wailing. There are several ways to interpret her final response. She longed for the demon’s return, hoping it would alleviate her loneliness. She loses all hope when it doesn’t come to fruition.

She could have also come to terms with the fact that she had sacrificed nothing by killing Lauren and Bill, especially since Bill was so kind to her. Maybe she’s genuinely sorry for what she did.

A disturbing and hypnotic film, The Blackcoat’s Daughter demonstrates how masterfully Perkins can use cinematography and setting to generate mood, as seen in his following works as well.

As a result of her overwhelming sadness and loneliness, a young woman turns to Satanism for solace. After a few rewatches, it becomes clear that Perkins used various hints to show that Joan is Katherine and her only genuine buddy is a devil in the chronicles.

The Daughter of Bill and Lauren

Bill shows love and respect to Joan despite the fact that he knows nothing about her. He tells her on numerous occasions that she reminds him of his daughter. He brings out a picture of his dead daughter, Rose, to show her over supper.

Joan is forced to exit the table and visit the restroom as a result of this. There, she experiences a memory of suffocating a woman and stealing her ID, rebranding herself as Joan as a result of the ordeal.

the blackcoat's daughter explained

Bill tells Joan that his daughter would have been her age, which is significant. Later, Lauren tells Joan that her husband tells every young lady that they look like Rose and that he speaks about her as if she’s still alive, even though she’s dead.

He refuses to acknowledge that she was murdered. Because Bill and Lauren deal with sorrow in very different ways, their relationship has suffered as a result. As a result, Lauren doesn’t show any sympathy toward her husband but instead appears annoyed that he won’t admit that Rose was murdered.

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Joan’s Crying for No Reason

After failing to call the demon, Joan weeps in the final scene. Why does this happen? There are a few theories about this.

To begin with, it’s most likely that she wanted nothing more than to be re-possessed by the demon once more. She was probably alone after her parents died. It’s possible that the demon’s presence gave her some peace of mind. So, she begged the devil to stay away from the exorcism, and he did.

It was also nine years before she found her devil. It broke her heart when he failed to show as expected.

She may have killed two people for no apparent cause, which is similar to the preceding scenario.

Unless the devil accepted the heads as a sacrifice, the deaths of the two were in vain. Since Bill and his wife did so much for her during their little time together, she may be weeping as a result of remorse.

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