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Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained: What to Expect from The Three Deities Arc?

Ken Wakui has created a popular Japanese manga series titled Tokyo Revengers. Since March of 2017, it has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shnen Magazine.

A Liden Films anime TV series adaptation aired from April to September of 2021. In January of 2023, we’ll see the debut of Season 2.

The film’s live-action adaptation was released in Japan in July 2021. Over 65 million copies of the manga had been printed as of July 2022, with 7 million of those copies sold outside of Japan.

The manga was recognized as the year’s best shonen title by the 44th annual Kodansha Manga Award.

Plot Summary

First Arc

Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained:

26-year-old freeter Takemichi Hanagaki finds out one day that his middle school ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana and her younger brother Naoto were murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Takemichi travels back in time exactly 12 years, to 2005, after being pushed in front of a train. Takemichi meets with Naoto while reminiscing about middle school and tells him the day he and Hinata will die.

Takemichi is instantly teleported back to the present moment as they shake hands, creating a paradox in which Naoto survives and becomes a detective. When the two of them hold hands, Naoto figures, Takemichi is instantly transported back in time by 12 years.

Takemichi promises to rescue Hinata using his future view. Kiyomasa, a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang, forces Takemichi’s friends into illegal matches in the past. Mikey, the gang’s leader, respects Takemichi for his resolve to keep them safe.

Takemichi learns that Akkun, another friend of his, was spared jail time thanks to his new friendship with Mikey in the present; however, after Akkun commits suicide out of fear, Takemichi realizes that Tokyo Manji Gang is a greater threat to his friends than he had previously believed.

Once Takemichi returns from his time travel, he learns that the Tokyo Manji Gang is at war with the rival gang Moebius in order to avenge Pah-friend.

chin’s Takemichi finds out that the death of Draken, Mikey’s second-in-command, will make Mikey violent. Draken makes it out of the brawl unscathed, but Pah-chin turns himself into the police after stabbing Osanai, the leader of the Moebius.

When the Tokyo Manji Gang can’t agree on how to best aid Pah-chin, tensions arise within the group.

Takemichi settles the beef between Mikey and Draken, but on August 3, 2005, a group of Moebius members led by Valhalla member Shji Hanma attacked the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Takemichi finds out that Peh-yan conspired with them because he was upset that Mikey and Draken had allowed Pah-chin to be arrested and that Kiyomasa had stabbed Draken because he had humiliated him and forced him to leave the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Final Arc

Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained:

As Takemichi readjusts to modern life, he finds that his old pals are doing well, but that Mikey, who hasn’t spoken to any of them in 12 years, has started a rival gang known as Bonten.

Takemichi can no longer use Naoto to go back in time, but when he stops Mikey from jumping off a building, he unexpectedly finds himself in 2008. Takemichi, now a high school student, finds out that since the Tokyo Manji Gang was broken up, Rokuhara Tandai, Brahman, and Mikey’s new gang, the Kanto Manji Gang, have been vying for control.

In an effort to find Mikey, Takemichi joins Brahman under the leadership of Senju Kawaragi and, all of a sudden, he is able to predict the future. The assault on Takemichi and Senju by Rokuhara Tandai begins on July 7, 2008.

As a result of Takemichi’s efforts, Senju does not perish, but Draken, in an attempt to save them, does. As a result, the three gangs get into a fight known as the Battle of the Three Deities, and Mikey ends up killing South, the leader of the Rokuhara Tandai.

Rokuhara Tandai is absorbed into the Kanto Manji Gang, and Senju disbands Brahman to prevent Mikey from killing Takemichi.

A month later, on September 9, Takemichi resurrects the Tokyo Manji Gang and issues a challenge to the rival Kanto Manji Gang.

Sanzu tries to bring the fight to the Tokyo Manji Gang by bringing a train to the battlefield. Kikuchi dies despite Takemichi’s best efforts to stop it.

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Ending Explained

Tokyo Revengers Final Arc: Takemichi Forms a Gang of His Own

Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained:

we know that Mikey makes a very self-centered attempt at suicide. However, Takemichi steps in, and the two end up fighting.

Takemichi is able to travel through time with the help of a handshake and a touch-trigger. Mikey’s death suggests that the series finale will revolve around Takemichi starting his own gang.

To top it all off, he has to rescue Mikey this time. The Black Dragons could also make a comeback for fans.

Takemichi promised in the most recent chapter that this would be his own personal fight, so he will be preparing accordingly.

As a result, viewers anticipate a showdown between Takemichi and Mikey in which he ultimately vanquishes the Kantou Manji Gang.

In addition, stop Bonten from taking control of the city. Some have theorized that he reassembled an old gang under the leadership of Brahman and dubbed them the “Tokyo Revengers.”

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Who Is the Other Time Leaper?

Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained:

Fans are pushing the “Hanma is the other time leaper” theory hard as the series draws to a close. Still, there are those who insist that Sanzu is the real deal. The conclusion will feature numerous reveals and provide comprehensive resolutions.

As of yet, it is unknown why Takemichi travels through time, or where the past version of himself goes when he leaps into the future.

Since the death of Draken, a popular character, many readers are holding out hope for a reversal and a new conclusion to the manga.

Takemichi may not get his happy ending because he keeps putting his friends first. If Takemichi continues to alter the present, he may take steps that lead to him being abandoned.

Last but not least, Toman Captains could make a cameo in the finale of Tokyo Revengers.

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