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Changes to the Mr. Gay America Pageant System for 2022 Have Been Announced

The title of “Mr Gay World” is given to the winner of an annual international competition that is held specifically for homosexual men.

This honour is one of the prizes that can be won in the competition.

The competition takes place in several different countries throughout the world.

This title has been granted legal protection by being registered as a trademark in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Both Leonard Kodie Macayan and Joel Rey Carcasona were born and raised in the Philippines, and both are currently competing for the title of Mr Gay World at the same time.

They are currently tied for first place, which indicates that neither one of them has a significant advantage over the other.

These two gentlemen share a shared ancestry because they were both born and raised in the Philippines, giving them a connection to the country that is the source of their lineage.

When the competition is held in 2021, it will be the first time in the annals of the competition that two men simultaneously hold the title of Mr Gay World.

This will be a first in the history of the event. This will be the very first time that something like this takes place.

Something on this scale has never before been witnessed or experienced in human history.

Something of this magnitude has never previously been seen or experienced by anyone in the history of the human race.

Changes to the Mr Gay America Pageant System for 2022

The Mr Gay America Pageantry System has revealed that some impending alterations are going to be made as part of the preparations for the 2022 pageant season.


Simba R. Hall, who is also the proprietor of Mr Gay America and will maintain that title forever, made the announcements of the changes via a Facebook live broadcast that took place on the official Mr Gay America Facebook page on February 27, 2022. The broadcast took place on a Sunday.

The National Pageant Director, Neaundre Bonet, joined Simba in announcing that a new scoring system will be used for the 2022 Pageant System.

Simba was the one who made the statement.

After the scoring fiasco that occurred the year before, Bonet claimed that they worked with Cameron Turner and Associates, a developer who was able to design an electronic scoring system for the Mr Gay America Pageant System.

This was done in collaboration with the Mr Gay America Pageant System.

Bonet also noted that they did this in response to the disastrous scoring performance they had the year before.

At the first preliminary competition for the Mr Gay America Pageant System, which took place in Dallas, Texas for Mr Gay Texas America, this brand-new electric scoring system was put to the test.

It was devised to ensure that there is no room for error on the side of a human judge and was developed with that intention.

The previous scoring system was a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and during the first season that Mr Hall oversaw the competition, a scoring error occurred that resulted in one of the contestants being eliminated from consideration for a spot in the Top 10 on the final night.

As a result of this error, the contestant was not eligible to compete for a spot in the Top 10 on the final night.

Christopher Iman, who is currently holding the title of Mr Gay America, appeared on the show and disclosed both the theme for his departure from the title as well as the dates for the national pageant, which will still be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Christopher Iman also confirmed that the national pageant will remain in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The National Pageant that will take place in 2022 will feature the theme “Bold in Gold,” and all of the entries will be required to include at least 90 per cent gold.

The entries could originate from any point in time or any part of the world, including outer space.

On the 3rd through the 6th of October in 2022, the National Pageant will be held at The Mosaic Theater, which is located on the Las Vegas Strip.

The competition will be broken up into three parts: an opening night, a review show, and a closing night.

The most important change was brought about by Simba R. Hall, who said that the Mr Gay America system will now allow transgender men to compete in the system so long as the government accepts them as males.

This is the most major alteration that has been made.


This was the modification that had the most significant impact out of all of the changes.

It was also mentioned that this modification only applies to the Mr Gay America Pageant System and that the Miss Gay America System will not undergo any changes because it is owned by a different person.

This was explained by the fact that Mr Gay America is a separate pageant from Miss Gay America.

The release of “The America Brand,” which is a new guideline for promoters who are interested in promoting within the system, served as the concluding announcement of the thirty-seven-minute show.

The new rule stipulates that all preliminary competitions must have the same prize package and guidelines to provide competitors with a level playing field and guarantee that the majority of their travel expenses to nationals will be covered.

This was done to ensure that competitors have a fair chance of winning and to cover the majority of their costs associated with competing.

The preliminary contests for Mr Gay America’s pageant season of 2022 have already begun, with two contestants qualifying to represent Mr Gay Texas America.

The season will continue with 15 more preliminary competitions, all of which have been signed up for the season.

Who won Mr Gay World 2017?

This year is celebrated as Gay World’s Year all over the world.

After the competition, Roger Gosalbez, who was originally from Spain, declared John Raspado, who was originally from the Philippines, as the winner of the competition.

John Raspado was originally from the Philippines.

Who owns Mr Gay World?

Both Leonard Kodie Macayan and Joel Rey Carcasona, who hail from their home country of the Philippines, are currently sharing the title of Mr Gay World.


These two gentlemen share the same ancestry in that they were born and raised in the Philippines.

Who won Mr World 2021?

Ankush Kumar, a 31-year-old bodybuilder who hails from the neighbourhood of Dakha in the city of Ludhiana, is the champion of the under-70 kilogram category of the Bodybuilding Championship that he competed in.

Ankush Kumar’s hometown is Ludhiana. He was given the title of “Mr World” as a result of his success.

His success garnered plaudits not just for the nation as a whole but also for the state of Punjab in particular.

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In 2014, Mr Gay Australia, Mr Gay New Zealand, and a sponsoring skincare business all withdrew from the competition, citing “bullying, subpar living arrangements, and excessive pressure to hook up with other contenders.”

In response, Mr Gay World asserted that the two contestants had been eliminated due to rule violations and alcohol misuse.

Mr Gay Germany Klaus Burkart, the competition’s winner in 2015, resigned seven months later citing “personal changes,” and Mr Gay Hong Kong took his position.

Due to a local government ban, Mr Gay World announced in 2018 that the 2019 competition would be moved from Hong Kong to South Africa.

Mr Gay South Africa 2021 will take place in November 2021.

Following the resignation of Louw Breytenbach, the title was awarded to South African Runner-Up Bonginkosi Ndima, who later announced his resignation in March 2022.

Joel Rey Carcasona, Mr Gay World Philippines 2021, therefore assumed the title Mr Gay World 2021.

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