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Is Grant Gustin (Sebastian Smythe of Glee) Gay in Real Life?

Grant Gustin is an actor and singer from the United States. He is best known for playing Barry Allen/The Flash on The CW’s Arrowverse show The Flash and Sebastian Smythe on the Fox show Glee.

Thomas Grant Gustin was born in Norfolk, Virginia, on January 14, 1990. He is the son of a pediatric nurse, Tina Haney, and a college professor, Thomas Gustin. During high school, he took musical theatre classes at the Governor’s School for the Arts in Norfolk. He also went to the Virginia theatre group Hurrah Players Incorporated.

In 2008, he graduated from Granby High School. After that, he went to Elon University in North Carolina for two years to get his BFA in music theatre. Since college, he has been friends with actor Chris Wood.

His Journey As An Actor

is Grant Gustin Gay

Gustin’s first known screen role was in the movie Rain (2004), which he did while he was still in high school. Neil Grochmal made this student film while he was a student at Regent University.

Gustin plays a young mute man who dreams about a man losing his wife in a robbery. When he later meets the man, his dreams come true and help him figure out who killed his wife. Grochmal said that Gustin had raw talent and thought that the young man would do well in acting in the future.

Gustin quit school to play Baby John in the Broadway Revival Tour of West Side Story. He was in the show from September 30, 2010, when it opened, until September 23, 2011.

On November 8, 2011, he made his first appearance on the TV show Glee as Sebastian Smythe, a member of the Dalton Academy Warblers who is out as gay. After “an exhaustive, weeks-long casting search,” Gustin was given the recurring role of Sebastian, a promiscuous and sneaky character.

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Is Grant Gustin Actually Gay?

is Grant Gustin Gay

Grant Gustin, who plays the sly and sexually confident Sebastian, is a member of Glee’s cast. He may be one of the best so far.

This kid is right out of Dynasty.

He isn’t afraid to steal a man from his boyfriend while they are having a romantic night out at a gay club. He is also not afraid to throw lye in the face of a cute young man. And that’s good.

Our buds over at After Elton and Gustin had a chance to talk about Gustin’s new role and what it’s like to play a gay character on Glee,

“Obviously, Sebastian’s sexuality wasn’t a deal-breaker,” Gustin says. “I Was Excited to Play a Gay Character Because I’m Not Gay in Real Life, and it’s fun to do things that are different from you. And, yes, there was more of a stigma about being gay ten or fifteen years ago, but I also think that being gay wasn’t as accepted in our society.

Now, at least in my world, it’s just something that everyone agrees with. I know it’s not all over the country, but as an actor, you don’t want to be put in a box no matter what role you play.

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Grant Gustin’s Personal Life

is Grant Gustin Gay

Gustin started dating Andrea “LA” Thoma in January 2016 after meeting her at a dinner party. On April 29, 2017, they said they were getting married, and on December 15, 2018, they did. In 2021, a daughter, their first child, was born.

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