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Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 2 Release Date: is There Any Coming Out Segment About the Season 2?

Strange New Worlds initially warped into televisions earlier this year. It quickly ascended to the top of the list of science fiction programs.

The famed Star Trek captain Pike, Commander Chin-Riley, and a youthful Lieutenant Spock were all played again by Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn, and Ethan Peck. It mostly came after Star Trek Discovery season 2 ended.

The Star Trek series’ episodic storytelling format, which was a throwback to simpler times, was full of intriguing plot lines and cunning Easter eggs.

It experimented with a variety of genres in addition to the usual science fiction stories, such as comedy, horror, and survival tales. The show has also won praise for successfully recapturing the legendary Star Trek vibe.

Thankfully, it was made known that Strange New Worlds season 2 had been approved before the first episode of season one had aired.

Even though Star Trek: Strange New Worlds just recently made its debut in July 2022, a first peek at season two has already been released.

The newest Paramount Plus Star Trek series is ideal for fans of Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS).

Ten years before Captain Kirk assumes command of the USS Enterprise, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds follows the crew.

You get to follow a crew that includes members like Captain Christopher Pyke (Anson Mount), Spock (Ethan Peck), and Number One (Rebecca Romijn), all of whom made their TOS debuts and who are all dressed in TOS-inspired garb.

The modern Star Trek season-long arcs are likewise skipped in Strange New Worlds, which instead concentrates on the crew exploring a new world or solving a mystery in a single episode, exactly like in TOS.

Here is all the information you require for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 2 Release Date

There is no release date yet for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ second season. Based on a few significant inferences we’ve made from production schedules and other programs, there are still a lot of questions that remain unanswered.

Strange New Worlds’ Season 2 has already wrapped up its second season of filming, which began back in February.

This suggests that the series could technically end at any point in the near future. But be aware that this won’t actually be the case before you get overly excited. For Strange New Worlds season 2, Star Trek fans will likely still have to wait a while.


Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 has not yet received an official release date. Both the cast and the episodic storytelling have received positive reviews.

The second season is currently in production and is anticipated to debut in 2023. Maybe like the first season, it will air on Paramount+. See what happens after that.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 2 Plot: What to Expect

In Season 1 of Star Trek Strange New Worlds, the main plot turn involved what happened to Commander Chin-Riley.

Early in the series, it was revealed that the main character was an Illyrian, a race that was prohibited from joining Starfleet.

The Commander was taken off the Enterprise in the last episode after being imprisoned for concealing her identity.

Captain Pike’s reaction to this and whether or not it permits Spock to take over as the first officer will likely play a big narrative role in Strange New Worlds season 2.

Oh, and he’ll still have to deal with the reality of the impending disaster that he faces.

We also know that Paul Wesley’s portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk’s younger self will have a bigger role in Strange New Worlds season 2.

This would suggest that viewers get their first real look at how Kirk and Spock’s bond develops before becoming what we see in The Original Series.

Furthermore, viewers should expect to see some of the series’ supporting characters grow more.

Melissa Navia’s Lieutenant Ortegas appeared in every episode of Strange New Worlds season 1 despite playing a minimal part.

If the character gets a special episode that focuses on exploring more of her personality, you shouldn’t be surprised.

The second season of Strange New Worlds will have a crossover with the Star Trek animated comedy series Lower Decks, it has been confirmed.


In a season episode, a few of the Lower Decks voice cast members will appear live-action. The only thing we can say for sure about the crossover is that we expect some mischief to be caused by time travel. There is only one thing we can be certain of: it will be a lot of fun.

The most notable absence is undoubtedly Bruce Horak, who played Chief Engineer Hemmer in Strange New Worlds’ second season.

Because he was unceremoniously murdered off at the end of Strange New Worlds season one, we might have seen the last of the character.

Only Horak, who was a key player in Strange New Worlds, did not live to fight another day. The identification of Hemmer’s replacement for the vacant job of Chief Engineer was one of the significant revelations made on Star Trek Day.

Carol Kane, who will also join the main Strange New Worlds season 2 cast, will play the engineer Pelia.

The Strange New Worlds Season 2 Cast

For Season 2, you can anticipate the majority of the main characters to return. Along with the obvious: the roles played by Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn, Ethan Peck, Christina Chong, Ceila Rose Gooding, Melissa Navia, and Jess Bush.

But unless there is a flashback or a miracle resurrection, Bruce Horak’s Hemmer, who unfortunately passed away in the penultimate episode of Season 1, has probably played his final role.

Paul Wesley will return in Season 2 as Captain James Kirk, which is what he was originally cast to do; his appearance in the Season 1 finale was just a lovely additional surprise.However, it is yet unclear in what capacity he will appear.

In terms of new cast members, welcome comedy great Carol Kane (Taxi), who has been cast as the recurring role of Pelia, an engineer who “suffers no fools,” per the press release from Paramount+, and “solves problems calmly and brusquely.”

Hemmer will be replaced by a new engineer in the show. She isn’t the new regular engineer character, in our opinion, based on the fact that she is recurrent.

Christopher Pike portrayed by Anson Mount
As Spock, Ethan Peck
As Christine Chapel, Jess Bush
Playing La’an Noonien-Singh is Christina Chong.
Nyota Uhura is played by Celia Rose Gooding.
As Erica Ortegas, Melissa Navia
Joseph M’Benga is played by Babs Olusanmokun.
Number One, Rebecca Romijn as Una Chin-Riley
As Pelia, Carol Kane

What to Know More About the Season 2?

Ten years before Captain Kirk and the events of The Original Series, the crew of the USS Enterprise is followed in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (TOS).


The Enterprise is obviously on a five-year journey to investigate exotic new worlds, look for new life and new civilizations, and bravely venture where no one has gone before.

The actors who play Captain Pyke, Spock, and Number One all make their television debuts in Star Trek: Discovery’s second season before joining the USS Enterprise, therefore the series doesn’t necessarily start with season one.

The second season of Star Trek: Discovery is heavily focused on Ethan Peck’s Spock.

The best thing about Strange New Worlds is how many hilarious Star Trek Easter eggs are possible due to the show’s design.

Each week, there is just one fully developed story, with the USS Enterprise crew serving as the main character. That and the fantastic 1960s-inspired design, of course.

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Season two of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will probably be made available on Paramount Plus in the same way that season one was. In the US, the monthly cost of the streaming service is $4.99.

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