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Chuu’s Removal From Group Announced by Loona’s Agency

We are making this announcement to let fans know that, as of November 25, 2022, we have chosen to remove and expel our agency artist Chuu from LOONA.

This past year, there have been numerous rumors regarding LOONA’s Chuu, but the agency and the members of the group have remained silent in order to avoid interfering with the group’s progress or worrying fans.

Instead of stating what is true or not, the LOONA members tried to communicate their emotions by giving their best efforts for performances and material out of love for the team and consideration for their fans.

However, an investigation revealed the truth when it was recently reported that Chuu used aggressive language and abused his position of authority with our personnel.

We have chosen to accept responsibility for this and have decided to remove Chuu from LOONA according to  Agency representatives have apologized and comforted personnel.

First and foremost, we would like to express our sincere apologies to the staff members who have been severely injured as a result of this event. We promise to make every effort to ensure that they recover quickly, concentrate on their treatment, and then resume their regular life.


We deeply regret that we were unable to keep all 12 members of LOONA together until the very end and sincerely ask for your pardon.

No matter what, the agency and LOONA will go back to our roots and make every effort to ensure that an occurrence like this never occurs again in the future.

the LOONA members didn’t work only for their own interests and are aware of the support their fans have given them to get to this point, they didn’t do anything to harm the team. They will persevere to the finish and repay everyone who has supported LOONA with love.

Additionally, the organization and the LOONA members shall treat all of the staff people that work with us with respect and thanks.


The organization will make every effort to reciprocate the staff’s dedication and efforts so that anything like this never occurs again. We apologize once more for causing problems with this situation to the relevant staff members and the fans.

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