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What is Jeff Dunham’s New Show Called?

The one-hour comedy special “Jeff Dunham Me the People,” which was taped last month at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C., marks the comedic ventriloquist’s comeback. This Friday at 8 p.m., the special makes its broadcast debut on Comedy Central and Paramount+.

Dunham is currently filming his eleventh special at Warner Theatre. The first one was shot in the autumn of 2007.

Dunham told WTOP, “It’s kind of full circle.” “After that, everything kind of went off for me. You can tell how intelligent a group of people is by the way they laugh, I’ll tell you. That Saturday night in D.C., the audience was snappy and witty. They were quite heated.

Expect to see a fresh take on traditional puppets like the cynic Walter, who dons aviators to play Vice President Joe Biden after previously parodying Donald Trump.

Dunham added, “I had Walter, my cranky old curmudgeon, who was Grump with the hair, while Trump was in power. “Another man is now in charge. People have claimed that Walter resembles Biden exactly, so I accepted that. When you’re Trump, you say things that are offensive and absurd, and when you’re Biden, you say things that make no sense at all.

Dunham, a 1962 Dallas native, became interested in ventriloquism as a young child and impressed his instructors and peers. He set himself a goal to appear on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” within ten years of graduating. He was successful on his tenth tryout.

I made it by one month, Dunham remarked, “I graduated in May 1980 and I went on ‘The Tonight Show in April 1990. When Carson waved me over to the couch, something magical happened.

At the conclusion of the performance, he turns to me and says, “Walter, I hope we’ll see you again.” Before you get me back on this awful show, Walter says, “It’ll be a chilly day in hell.” Since the days of Carson, Dunham acknowledges that the comic environment has altered.


You never knew what their political views were since Will Rogers, Bob Hope, Carson, and Jay Leno mocked both sides, according to Dunham.

These guys avoided going for the throat. You make fun of one person, but you don’t make fun of a lot of people, Leno and I agreed. I’m only mocking what’s happening.

The name of his most recent tour, “Still Not Canceled,” alludes to some of his more contentious personas, like Achmed the Dead Terrorist, who made his debut in D.C. in 2007.

He was, in Dunham’s words, “my response to 9/11.” Osama bin Laden is dead and in my suitcase, I declared. For 4,000 Muslims, I traveled to Abu Dhabi in the Middle East.

Which character was their favorite? The deceased terrorist Achmed Who was the crowd’s favorite two nights later in Tel Aviv, Israel for 4,000 Jewish people? The terrorist Achmed the Dead Dunham also stands by José Jalapeno on a Stick, his Latino puppet.

I’ve never heard a Hispanic complain about José Jalapeno, according to Dunham. People were furious when I left him out of the show! Because I’m not making fun of anyone, he’s the persona that so many Hispanics identify with. He picks on Peanut in the same way as Peanut picks on him. He is a jalapeno on a stick with a Mexican accent.

The hyperactive “woozle” known as Peanut has purple skin, white fur that covers the majority of his body, a tuft of green hair, and one sneaker on his left foot.

Other characters include the redneck trailer park fan of NASCAR named Bubba J and the newly introduced Url, whose name is spelled like a web link URL and who sports an air pod set.


Walter, out of all of them, best suits where we are right now. We concluded by asking Walter what it’s like to have Jeff’s hand up his, eh, backside. Walter isn’t speaking for the rest of his friends.

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