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Does Zendaya Have a Last Name? Why She Chooses To Use Her First Name Only?

The internet was surprised to hear that people thought the couple was getting engaged, which made them respond on social media.

Zendaya started out as a Disney star, but then she moved on to mainstream movies like Euphoria on HBO and the most recent Spider-Man movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On the other hand, Tom Holland is a well-known actor who got his start in the Spiderman movies, which also starred his girlfriend.

Fans are happy that Zendaya is going to marry Tom Holland, but they are also looking into who she is.

What is Zendaya’s Last Name?

Does Zendaya Have a Last Name

She was born Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, but she chooses to use her first name only. She has said before that she wants to use just one name because it “Sounds Cooler,” citing Cher, Rihanna, and Prince as examples. Even though she gave up the rest of her term to be on stage, she values the history and tradition of it.

She said that her first name comes from Africa and her middle name comes from France. Daya‘s middle name is the same as her mother’s. But Daya’s name is written in a different way. Her full name includes parts of the names of all of her ancestors.

When Zendaya and Holland get married, the joke is that Tom will take her last name and be called Tom. Several people who know the couple well say that they are serious and set on getting married.

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