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Where To Watch Archive 81: Is this Series on Amazon?

Archive 81 is an American supernatural horror streaming television series created by Rebecca Sonnenshine, who also served as an executive producer alongside Paul Harris Boardman and James Wan.

The series premiered on Netflix on January 14, 2022. Top 10s, the series was watched for 128.47 million hours worldwide between January 9 and 30.

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The series, however, was canceled after one season in March 2022.

Is Archive 81 on Amazon?

You’ve probably heard of Archive 81 if you’re looking for a new supernatural horror. Is the series available on Amazon Prime Video?

Where To Watch Archive 81

There have been a few great TV shows that have gone unnoticed. One of them is Archive 81. The show follows an archivist who is hired to repair damaged videotapes. He believes it will be a simple task that will allow him to escape his mundane life for a while.

However, he is soon drawn into the mystery of the tapes. They involve some sort of mysterious cult, and the man and his father are somehow involved. What is going on, and what does the man who hired the archivist have to do with it all?

Archive 81 is Not Available on Prime Video

When it comes to online streaming, there is some bad news. Archive 81 is not available on Prime Video.

This is an original Netflix series. Right now, the only place to watch it online is on Netflix. There’s no reason for the streamer to share it with Prime Video unless the two are collaborating for some reason.

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Archive 81 Probably Won’t Come to Amazon Video

What about Amazon Prime Video? This is where digital releases are going, where you can pay once and have full access to the entire series or movie. This is unlikely with this supernatural horror.

Where To Watch Archive 81

Netflix has no reason to release the content digitally. This happens from time to time with shows like The Crown and The Last Kingdom, but not with many Netflix Original Series.

It makes no sense for Netflix to release content on digital platforms or even on DVD. Subscribers would be encouraged to cancel their monthly payments if they could get content for a one-time fee.

How to Watch Archive 81

Archive 81, a new Netflix thriller series, will premiere on Friday, January 14. Based on the same-named “found recording” fiction podcast, Archive 81 tells the story of a video archivist whose mysterious new job holds more secrets than he expected.

When Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie) takes a job restoring damaged videotapes in a burned-out facility, he finds himself investigating the disappearance of the film’s director (Dina Shihabi) 25 years ago and possibly on the trail of something supernaturally evil.

Continue reading to learn more about the series and how to watch it.

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  • When Does Archive 81 Premiere: Season 1 of Archive 81 drops on Friday, January 14.
  • Where to Watch Archive 81Archive 81 is available on Netflix.
  • How Many Episodes are in Season 1: Season 1 will have 8 episodes, all are available at once on Friday, December 31.

Archive 81 Trailer

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