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Does Jack Die in Heartland? Is He Going to Leave the Show?


Heartland is a CBC program that equestrians and horse lovers all over the world like. Some fans have been watching Heartland since it first aired in 2007 and have developed attachments to recurring characters as a result.

The unexpected death of a fan favorite in season 14 left fans with many unanswered questions. “Is Jack killed in Heartland?” Heartland fans know that Jack Bartlett has not always had it easy. The character has undoubtedly been put through the wringer in terms of loss and grief.

He is the family rock who devotes much of his time to consoling and supporting others around him. Furthermore, his health concern in Season 6 had viewers wondering if he would survive. So, does he?

Does Jack Die in Heartland?

Does Jack Die in Heartland

No, Jack doesn’t die in Heartland. In episode 18 of season 6, “Under Pressure,” the character has a heart attack. This makes people wonder if Jack will come back in season 7. Even Shaun Johnston, who plays Jack Bartlett on the TV show Heartland, was shocked by the sudden turn of events.

In Heartland, Who Plays Jack Bartlett?

Shaun Johnston

It turns out that the actor and the character share a lot of traits. Canadian actor, director, and musician Shaun Johnston plays Jack Bartlett on the popular TV show Heartland. He was born in Ponoka, Alberta, Canada, in 1958, and he grew up on a farm with cattle and horses.

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Where Was Heartland’s Jack?

Back when Heartland was a working cattle ranch, Jack was born and raised there. He would do as much as he could to help his grandfather around the ranch. He told his grandfather that he would keep all 600 acres of Heartland. He spent many years on the rodeo circuit and won a lot of buckles. Now he is known as a legend.

Does Jack Die in Heartland

Jack and Lou go to Marion’s funeral. Scott tells Jack what’s going on with Spartan and suggests that he be put down. But in the end, it’s up to Jack, so he helps Scott bring Spartan to Heartland. Jack takes Ty to the Loft, where he will stay.

He is sure he is fine and insists on going home. When he gets back to Heartland, he tells Lou to call the insurance company. When he goes out on the porch the next morning, he sees a flashback of himself and his grandfather when he was younger.

Does Shaun Johnston Leave Heartland?

62-year-old Shaun Johnston is a Canadian actor, musician, and cowboy who has been playing Jack Bartlett in Heartland for nearly 15 years. He is a gifted, accomplished, and seasoned actor who is a joy to watch.

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Despite his captivating depiction of Jack, there are frequent rumors that Shaun Johnston is departing Heartland or that the character of Jack is being erased from the program.

Does Jack Die in Heartland

The majority of these speculations are based on the fact that Jack is an elderly character, so the audience is frequently on edge when it comes to any potential health issues with him. To be honest, none of these allegations are true because Shaun Johnston has been and will continue to be in Heartland for the following seasons.


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