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Who is Imogen in Carnival Row Season 2?


The second season of Carnival Row is finally arriving this week. Will Tamzin Merchant’s Imogen Spurnrose return for the conclusion of the series?

This week, all eyes are on the beginning of the end of Carnival Row. The first two episodes of the final season have been released, and it’s time to continue up where we left off at the end of season one.

In this article, we will discuss Who is Imogen in Carnival Row Season 2? Scroll down and read the full article, to get all information.

Who is Imogen?

The woman who lives in the house where Vignette works as a housemaid, Imogen Spurnrose, was raised in a wealthy and safe environment. Her house staff and her brother Ezra take care of all of her whims.

Who is Imogen in Carnival Row Season 2?

Daughter of the well-known watch and clockmaker Simon Spurnrose. She was one of the most politically liberal people of his time and a very smart engineer.

He was among the first people to hire a faun. Because of this and other strange things he did, he was always thought of as strange in the Burgue. Some of these strange traits have been passed on to Imogen and, to a lesser extent, to her brother Ezra.

Who Plays The Role of Imogen in Carnival Season 2?

Tamzin Merchant Plays The Role of Imogen in Carnival Season 2. She is an English actress and author. She is best known for playing Georgiana Darcy in the movie Pride & Prejudice, Catherine Howard in the Showtime series The Tudors, and Anne Hale in the WGN America series Salem.

She wrote The Hatmakers, a book for kids coming out in 2021. The Merchants are from England, in the county of Sussex. She went to Windlesham House School and Brighton College, but she has also lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

After putting off going to college twice to focus on her acting career, she finally went to Homerton College, Cambridge, to study English and Drama with Education. Do you know  Who is Leonora in Carnival Row Season 2? You can read this here.

What Happened to Imogen in the Season 2 Opener of Carnival Row?

When Imogen woke up in her bed, her brother Ezra was already there. Even though they were on a ship, this surprised her. What surprised her, even more, was how he stabbed her in the stomach.

When she woke up, she saw that it was all a dream. But then she saw that the blood was again soaking through her nightgown. Ezra slept next to her in bed. Was this really the last we’d see of Tamzin Merchant?

Lucky for us, no. This was nothing more than a dream. It reminded me a little bit of the movie “Inception.” This time, when Imogen woke up, it was light outside and Agreus was in bed with her.

Who is Imogen in Carnival Row Season 2?

He said sorry because he thought he’d kicked her in his sleep and that’s why she hit him when she woke up from her dream. In the first episode, Imogen is still alive, but it’s clear that she’s afraid her brother will find her.

After what Imogen and Agreus did in the Season 1 finale of Carnival Row, he would probably do anything to get his hands on them. She has no reason to want to stay in one place for a long time.

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