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Who Will Become the Leader of the Black Ravens in Carnival Row?


Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 2 of Carnival Row featured some significant fatalities. With one of those fatalities, the Black Ravens are thrust into uncharted terrain.

Carnival Row didn’t spare any time in bringing us the revolution’s beginning. Even though she was trying to help Philo as well as her own people, Vignette wanted to show the humans what had happened to the fairies.

Dahlia ultimately made the decision to lead the mission. That made sense as the leader. Dahlia does desire freedom, just like Vignette does. She just isn’t willing to say that. Unfortunately for Dahlia, it resulted in her death.

This implies that there is no leader for the Black Ravens. Is there not one faerie who could fill that position? Dahlia even made what might have been a hint in the second episode.

Who is Dahlia in Carnival Row?

The Black Raven’s faerie leader is named Dahlia. Dahlia was a maid before she joined the Black Raven and rose to the position of its commander, but she desired more for herself and wouldn’t let the people around her.

Dahlia had worked as one of two fae maids for a man by the name of Proctor Ziffren Garrick.  Garrick was a well-known bigot who vehemently opposed anything that wasn’t human, frequently fanning the flames of human resentment while paradoxically engaging in sexual relations with the female fae.

He was rumored to have shown quite an interest in Dahlia, but she eventually started to push back. Dahlia thus assisted in the planning of three bombing attempts against Garrick’s life.

When the bomb failed to kill him on the first try, in the bathhouse, he became enraged and violently grabbed Dahlia’s coat before passionately speaking about the perils of letting non-humans into their land.

What is The Black Raven Group?

The Black Raven is a group of faeries who stand up for their own kind when they are hurt. In the Burgue, black ravens have been around for less than seven years. Most of them used to be in the Wing Brigade’s blockade runners.

Who Will Become the Leader of the Black Ravens in Carnival Row?

Proud faery-homeland types who don’t have a home to fight for and are just trying to get by by any means, like running lots, gambling, smuggling, making potshine, lixer, etc. Dahlia was a lady’s maid before she became the leader of the Black Raven, but that wasn’t a good job for her.

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Who Will Become the Leader of the Black Ravens in Carnival Row?

During the first episode, Kaine made it clear that Vignette’s willingness to help save the people of The Row had impressed the Black Ravens.

He was the one who thought she should get brand and join the group officially. Vignette didn’t really want it, especially since Dahlia had told her she didn’t like her, but she did it anyway.

It’s clear that Vignette is for the people. She only wants what is best for them, and she is willing to put her own life at risk to lead the missions to get medicine.

She was even ready to risk her life to show people what was happening to the faeries in The Row. Dahlia felt threatened by this, so she took on the mission herself. This made it clear that there would be a fight for the position of leader.

But it doesn’t look like there will be. Many of the Black Ravens already know about Vignette. Will this help her get to the top in Season 2 of Carnival Row? Do you want to know What did Ezra Tell about Imogen in Carnival Row Season 2? You can read it on our website.

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