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Jenna Ortega Only Wore Black for ‘Wednesday’ Filming: My Closet Suddenly Lost All Its Color!


Jenna Ortega found that she was a lot like Wednesday Addams in more than one way.

The actress, who plays the title character in the Netflix show directed by Tim Burton, got ideas for her own style from the character.

Costume designer Colleen Atwood tells the stories behind the iconic looks of the characters in “Wednesday.”

The 20-year-old actress was the latest to play the character created by cartoonist Charles Addams. She gave the death-obsessed little girl a whole new side after Lisa Loring and Christina Ricci had already done so.

Jenna Ortega Only Wore Black for ‘Wednesday’ Filming!

She has played characters whose clothes are not “a good representation” of what she would wear, but Wednesday Addams’ style continues to inspire her as she becomes Adidas’ newest ambassador.

“When I went to work on Wednesday, I all of a sudden only wore black,” she told New York Magazine’s The Cut in an interview. “I had no idea why. For some reason, all the color just went out of my closet.”

Jenna Ortega has a lot in common with her “Wednesday” character: “I have a pretty dark sense of humor.” “I like the purple pieces,” she told the outlet when talking about the athletic line’s new sportswear drop.

“Maybe it’s because I don’t wear much color after Wednesday. Now, I feel like I stick to darker and more earthy colors. I like them because they look good on everyone, but they also make me want to try something new.”

Jenna Ortega Only Wore Black for 'Wednesday' Filming

She also pushed herself as an actress because of the role. In December, when she talked to PEOPLE, she said: “I had to change how I moved and how I looked. She’s almost too shy to be around other people.

So you know that she doesn’t mean to hurt you when she does harmful or manipulative things.” After the show’s first season premiere, which was a big hit, she has also been wearing goth-inspired clothes on the red carpet, like at the 2023 SAG Awards on Sunday.

For the event, the actress wore a black Versace gown with a sculpted bodice. The high-low hem was gathered at her waist, and a Versace-style gold clasp was used to tighten it. She finished off her outfit with black platform heels and jewelry from Tiffany & Co.

She kept her look light by using peachy blush, lipstick, and shimmery eyeshadow. She let her hair hang loose and messed it up, and her bangs were split down the middle.

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