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One Piece Anime Episode 1054 Release Date: Something New is Coming!


In the last episode, Yamato asked Momo to make flame clouds that are stronger than those made by Kaido.

After hearing about all the bombs in the capital, she decides to leave Momo alone and go into the Skull Dome.

We’ve got you covered if you also watch the One Piece anime series and can’t wait for episode 1054.

We will talk about the One Piece Anime Episode 1054 Release Date in this article. Scroll down and read the full article.

One Piece Anime Episode 1054 Release Date

After a short break, the next episode of One Piece, episode 1054, will come out on March 18, 2023. Sunday, 11.30 a.m. Eastern Time is when the episode will be shown. Due to the difference in time zones, people around the world can watch One Piece episode 1054 on March 19.

Episode 1054 of the One Piece anime can be watched online with English subtitles on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

One Piece Anime Episode 1054 Spoilers

The 1054th episode of the One Piece anime will be very exciting and thrilling. “Death to Your Partner!” is the name of the episode. Killer’s Deadly Game,”. The next episode will be mostly about the fight between Child, Killer, and Big Mom.

We would see how close Killer and Kid were to each other. The teaser says that Killer is in trouble because Hawkins cast a spell that makes all the bad things that happened to Hawkins happen to Kid instead.

Both of them remembered the promises they had made to each other and the good times they had spent together. He will do something dangerous to beat Hawkins, putting Kid’s life in danger.

He does this because he wants to beat Hawkin and keep his word. He also trusts Kid. In the next episode, we’ll learn more about Killer and Kid’s friendship so far and why they trust each other.

Queen comes up behind Sanji with a sword as he tries to figure out how his body works. The sword breaks instead of hurting Sanji, though.

Where to Watch Episode 1054 of One Piece?

On Crunchyroll, you can watch One Piece. Past episodes are available on Hulu. You can watch the English dub on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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One Piece Episode 1053 Recap!

Momonosuke tries to make more powerful Flame Clouds than Kaido. Yamato notices that Onigashima is falling faster than he thought it would. He goes back to the Skull Dome to take care of the arsenal of explosives at the bottom of the castle.

Guernica talks to Lucci somewhere in the castle. He tells him that a pink dragon has shown up and that the number of Kaido and the samurai troops have changed. Lucci also tells him that if Kaido loses, Wano will be put under their control by the Government if Kaido loses.

He also says that they have to catch Robin. Kaido’s subordinates try to catch Robin in other places. But Brook is keeping her safe while they run away. The fight between Queen and Sanji on the Performance Floor is still going on.

Queen gets back up after Sanji hits her with a powerful kick. Queen cuts off a piece of himself in order to catch Sanji. He puts so much pressure on Sanji that he can’t get away. He also shows off the weapons he changed and put on his chest.

But he shoots himself by accident with his weapons. After Queen crushed Sanji, Chopper figures out that his body is in bad shape. However, Sanji is still standing. He goes back to his normal shape easily, which surprises Chopper and the others.

Queen tries to hit Sanji with a sword, but when it hits Sanji, it breaks in half. Sanji starts to feel scared because he doesn’t want to be like his brothers and sisters.

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