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Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 48 Release Date, Spoilers, Where to Read!


Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 48 Release Date: The story of Bad Thinking Diary is told from the perspective of Minji and Yuna, two of the author’s closest friends who develop romantic affection for one another.

As the characters battle with shifting feelings and circumstances, the manga delves into their unrequited love as well as their exhilaration and fascination with one another.

Hodan is the one who writes the manga, and Rangrari is the one who does the illustrations. It is distributed by Lezhin Comics Webtoon, which is the publisher.

The manga is a genre that combines elements such as a slice of life, romance, drama, and sensuality. Thus far, there have been 19 seasons and 47 chapters released.

In this article, we will discuss Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 48 Release Date. Scroll down and read the whole article to get all information.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 48 Release Date!

Bad Thinking Diary is a GL manga written by Ach and published by Lezhin KR. It tells the story of two friends, Yuna and Minji, who are in love with each other but can’t tell each other.

Chapter 47 of the manhwa, which came out on March 27, 2023, is the most recent one. The date for chapter 48 hasn’t been set yet, but based on the weekly schedule, it was came out on April 3, 2023.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 47 Recap!

In Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 47, The chapter opens with a hug between Minji and Yuna after they’ve finally told each other how they feel. They give each other a passionate kiss, a gesture of their undying love. They say they’re sorry for whatever pain they’ve caused each other and vow to change.

Minji and Yuna realize that Hye-ra and Minjae are only exploiting them for themselves, so they resolve to cut ties with them. They give them a call to break up with them and explain why. The choice has stunned and infuriated Hye-ra and Minjae.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 48 Release Date

Despite Hye-best ra’s efforts, Yuna is not interested in continuing their relationship. Even Minjae attempts to persuade Minji to reconsider, but she ends the call by telling him she loves Yuna.

Hye-ra and Minjae are irate and dissatisfied since they were turned down. They begin squabbling after blaming each other for the failure of their scheme.

Hye-ra says that Minjae is a lousy actress and isn’t trying hard enough to seduce Minji. Minjae claims that Hye-ra is completely uninterested in him and is just a self-centered b*tch.

They’ve come to terms with the fact that they have zero feelings for one another and have merely been using each other to advance their own goals. They mutually decide to stop their pseudo-relationship.

Hye-ra has no intention of giving up on Yuna just yet. She decides to use blackmail by threatening to reveal Yuna and Minji’s secret relationship to the world. She texts Yuna a photo of them making out in the club.

She threatens to share the additional proof she has of their affair with everyone if they don’t comply with her demands. She threatens to destroy their life unless she meets her at a specified location and time.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 48 Spoilers!

Since the chapter hasn’t come out yet, there is no official summary or sneak peek. But based on what happened in the previous chapters and what I think will happen in the next chapter, I can give you a short spoiler below:

Hye-ra might tell Minji and Yuna the truth about why she is trying to get money from them. She might say that she is crazy about Yuna and can’t stand the thought of Minji getting her. She might also say that Minji or Yuna will get hurt if they don’t do what she says.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 48 Release Date

Minji and Yuna could try to find Hye-ra and talk to her about blackmailing them. They might try to talk to her or convince her to go away. They might also try to find out how she got the picture of them kissing and if she has any other proof of their relationship.

Where Can I Read Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 48?

The official site for the webcomic Bad Thinking Diary, Lezhin Comics, has Chapter 47. You’ll need coins, which are the site’s currency, to read the new chapters, which come out every Wednesday.

You can also read it on Manga18 On Lezhin Comics, you can pay real money for coins or do tasks to earn them. You will also like Manga like this such as Payback, Jinx, and Much more.

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