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Blue Lock Chapter 214 Set to Release Just in Days! The Battle for Victory Continues!


Starting with Blue Lock Chapter 214, each new chapter will make the match even more interesting and exciting. Blue Lock’s best player, Isagi, finally scored, and we can see how people watching the game felt about it.

Igaguri and Aiku are surprised by Isagi’s new goal-scoring method and weapon. Ness thinks this move was impossible, and Isagi couldn’t have done it because it wasn’t in the data.

He asks Isagi what he has been doing for the past few days. Now, the scene goes back five days to when Isagi asked for help from Kunigami.

Isagi says that his weakness is that he can only shoot straight with his right foot, and he wants to learn how to do both. Kunigami thinks it’s disgusting and tries to push him away.

Kunigami tells Isagi that he will only break his glasses if he keeps insisting. Kunigami had no choice but to do it; he was forced to. He was strong enough to do it, though.

He also says that Isagi’s vision and aim will be ruined if he tries to get stronger by taking shortcuts. So, Isagi tells Kunigami that he still cares about him.

Even after Kunigami leaves, Isagi keeps following him because she wants to train with him. Chigiri is seen waiting for him. He keeps saying he wants to train with Kunigami and show him how good he is.

After seeing Kunigami’s show, Bachira also comes and says that he wants to join. He tells them that they should all train at the same time. As soon as Kunigami agrees to take on the challenge, he starts to feel angry about it.

Isagi now knows that Chigiri and Bachira didn’t change their weapons all that much. He only needed a second weapon that was made just for him, which was his lefty shoot.

They all get together for a training session because they can’t wait to play with each other. The situation comes up again, and Isagi thinks he can win with his secondary weapon.

Blue Lock Chapter 214 Release Date

blue lock chapter 214 release date

Blue Lock Chapter 214 will come out on April 9, 2023. The fans of the sports-based manga can’t wait for the next chapter to come out. Write the date down on your calendars!

  • Sunday, April 9, 2023, at 9:00 EDT, New York, USA
  • Sunday, April 9, 2023, at 14:00 BST, in London, United Kingdom
  • Sunday, 09 April 2023 at 18:30 IST, India
  • Sunday, 09 April 2023 at 22:00 JST, Japan

The spoiler for Blue Lock Chapter 214 and the raw scans will come out on April 6, 2023. On Reddit and 4chan, you can find the spoiler and raw scan of the manga.

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Blue Lock Chapter 214: Predictions and Spoilers

blue lock chapter 214 release date

Now, everyone on the field is looking at Isagi. Lorenzo and Barou are surprised, so they will be more careful now when they play. They need to change their plans if they want to beat Isagi now.

Marc Snuffy is in charge of the team, so he has the plan to stop Isagi. Isagi would still fight in these dangerous situations because he is still hiding something.

He would have thought of a way to beat Kaiser and his opponents even better than his Lefty shoot. Lorenzo hadn’t shown what he was really capable of yet, but we’ll see that in the next chapter.

Ubers should also start to step up their game and change how they play. Most likely, Lorenzo’s combination will blow through Basterd’s formation and make it easy to score a goal.

This would make Isagi even more excited, which would help him play better in the game. This puts both teams on the same level, and now it will be a race to see who can win more one-on-one battles and come up with better plans and counters.

Marc Snuffy is also likely to join the race soon. From what I know about him, I think he would jump in after Ubers’ first goal. With this sign, we can also be sure that Noel Noa will be doing something again.

There is a chance that Noel Noa and Isagi will work together again, and this time it will be even better. Aside from his plans, we still don’t know much about Snuffy’s strengths.

blue lock chapter 214 release date

We can also look forward to seeing more of Kaiser and his moves. He didn’t give up easily, and he managed to mess up Isagi’s plays in some way.

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Where to Read Blue Lock Chapter 214

Blue Lock Chapter 214 is available online in both Japanese and English on Pocket and Kodansha. If you are willing to wait for the latest chapters to be printed, you can also buy Blue Lock manga in print from Amazon and Bookwalker.

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