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Hellhole Ending Explained: How Does Marek Escape the Sanatorium?

Hellhole Ending Explained: Some recent horror movies have made an effort to address social issues in their stories. Despite the fact that many horror films are still entertaining primarily through shock value, some directors are searching for a way to connect their work to the present.

Some recent examples have shown that combining genre clichés with critique can have a powerful effect. Netflix is now streaming “Hellhole,” a new Polish horror-thriller film directed by Bartosz M. Kowalski.

Hellhole is a fantastic option if you’re seeking a fright this Halloween that also features amazing atmospheric world-building. In this article, we will discuss what happens at the end of Hellhole. Scroll down and read the full article to get all details.

What is the Plot of Hellhole?

Hellhole Ending Explained

Hellhole’s director, Bartosz M. Kowalski, co-wrote the script with screenwriter Mirella Zaradkiewicz. Lower Silesia (Central Europe) in 1957 is where the story of this horror film begins, with a car driving into an unknown location.

Having carried his infant son or daughter in his arms, a guy exits this vehicle and makes his way into the church. After calling the infant a “seed of evil” and threatening to stab it to death, two police officers storm in and threaten to kill the elderly father.

He begs for their forgiveness, explaining the significance of his work. But he’s killed by a bullet in the next few scenes, and the story then jumps ahead 30 years.

As the year 1987 draws to a close, Father Marek (Piotr Zurawski) visits a church and is greeted by the Prior there (Olaf Lubaszenko). Sanatorium is apparently the name of the church.

Hellhole Ending Explained

This haunted asylum was once used to house that thought to be possessed by the devil, and Marek appears there in his role as an exorcist. Lacking a working phone and power, he was unable to make any outside communication.

As soon as he is left alone in his room, he pulls out a revolver, a camera, and a newspaper clipping about a missing woman from the suitcase. Detective Marek has visited the cathedral in search of clues about the disappearance of many ladies.

The Prior shows Marek around the church and serves him a horrifying supper as part of his initiation into the monastic life. Even though he finds the offering repulsive, he eats it nevertheless so as not to stand out as an outcast.

Later on, during an exorcism, the priests are summoned in, and Marek is educated on the rituals and significance of the rite. While the priests are singing holy lines in an attempt to exorcise the spirit, he notices a dead woman lying on the bed.

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Hellhole Ending Explained

She lets forth a frustrated and painful yell. However, the process will go on as planned. Marek is so disgusted by what he has seen that he begins to throw up.

But when he looks at himself in the cracked mirror and reaches out to touch it, the mirror shatters even more right before his eyes.

Instead of focusing on the subject at hand, he looks for any way out of the terrifying location. During his investigation, he encounters numerous unexplainable phenomena, such as the mirror incident, the cross in his room moving on its own, and unexplainable noises emanating from the cupboard, all of which strongly suggest the presence of supernatural powers in the church.

He also discovers evidence that the exorcism he witnessed was faked by the clergy, who allegedly moved the bed and blew on the person to make it seem like they were possessed. This has led him to believe that something much more ominous is developing beneath the surface.

A monk named Piotr (Sebastian Stankiewicz) hears reports that Marek is trying to escape and tries to dissuade him by telling him that there is no way out. When Piotr tried to flee, he was brutally attacked by the others.

Hellhole Ending Explained

Marek admits that he is a member of the militia and has gone to the church because his agency has received information suggesting that the church is connected to the disappearances.

He agreed with Marek that the exorcisms were manufactured, but he advised Marek against further research.

Although he now knows that exorcism is a hoax, he still doesn’t know what happens to the corpses.

His tooth slips out as he’s eating, and he wants to find out why.

As he explores the building’s interior, he comes into a chamber stuffed with chopped-up bodies and learns that cannibalism is taking place behind closed doors.

Piotr’s sudden appearance frightens him, and he seems taken aback upon discovering the bodies. He alludes to a passage in the Bible that seems to identify Marek as the anointed one. The monks requested his presence indoors so they might revive the devil through their rite.

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Hellhole Ending Explained

Since Piotr survived, he is now considered by the monks who worship Satan as an integral part of their rituals designed to summon the devil, Piotr explains.

As Piotr tries to show Marek the way out, a group of priests appears and whisks him away to the sanatorium. Piotr pretended to be kind in order to coax Marek into undergoing the surgery.

The priests lured him to the asylum by claiming a group of missing girls was hidden there. Humans, not Satan, are the evil ones in their eyes. The brotherhood had been anticipating his birth for around 800 years.

As they saw it, the chosen one’s body would become infected with evil through the church’s portal, and then they would become his apostles and rule the new world.

In this rite, they slit a woman’s throat and force Marek to drink her blood. But contrary to what is written, it fails. They made the decision to dispose of Marek’s body by dropping him down a well.

Hellhole Ending Explained: How Does Marek Escape the Sanatorium?

Hellhole Ending Explained

In an attempt to cope with his disappointment, The Prior began drinking heavily. regretted the outcome and drank to forget his disappointment. As Piotr sees it, Prior’s presence was the cause of the failed ceremony, so he smothers him to death with a pillow.

It appears that his entire motivation was to achieve his own ambition of becoming a religious leader. In the room where he murders the Prior, a revolving cross indicates the presence of the devil.

At the same time, Marek comes to, and, though he had been aware of something odd happening up until that point, he now feels it in his own body and is quickly reduced to ashes. He fails to accomplish his aim of escaping the sanatorium and locating the lost girls.

Later on, during Piotr’s prayer session for the Prior’s body, Piotr begins to levitate and choke. Several flies flew out of his head and into what could have been the portal to hell. Not long after that, the Baphomet, the Sabbatical goat, makes an appearance in Christian art.

Fearful priests who try to flee the sanatorium find themselves first frozen, then levitating in the air. Flowers that had previously died begin to revive. The process of resurrecting the dead could begin in a similar fashion. The new world order appears to be in action as the sky opens up with a rainstorm.

We don’t know much about Marek’s background or what made him the chosen one, but the story about the existence of the supernatural quickly eclipses the one about Marek’s rational investigation. Hellhole is available to watch on Netflix.

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