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Don Lemon Controversy Reveled! You Would Be Shock To Find Out Why He Was Sacked


Don Lemon is an American television journalist who is famous for being a host on CNN since 2014. Don Lemon hosted weekend programs on local television stations in Alabama and Pennsylvania when he started as a journalist. He also worked as a news correspondent for NBC on its programs such as Today and NBC Nightly News.

Don Lemon has been trending in the news and fans of the journalist are curious to find out what happened to their favorite television host. This article covers everything you need to know about Don Lemon and his current controversial saga.

Don Lemon Controversy

don lemon controversy

CNN anchor Don Lemon has been fired by CNN. Don Lemon has also shared a statement on Twitter to confirm the incident. Don Lemon’s tweet read ” I was informed this morning by my agent that have been terminated by CNN I am stunned”.

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Why Was Don Lemon Sacked?

don lemon controversy

Don Lemon was accused of sending threatening messages to a female colleague. Don Lemon left his solo primetime show to the morning show alongside Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins. However, Don Lemon insisted that it was not a demotion as earlier speculated by viewers. He also went on to reveal that it was a promotion.

Don Lemon’s problems started on December 8, during the breaking news of Brittney Griner’s release from Russian custody. There had been several on-air instances in which Collins wanted to interrupt while he was still talking.

don lemon controversy

Don Lemon at some point waved his finger from the desk and asked her to hold a second. When they went off air Don Lemon was seen scolding her for interrupting him during the show and the alterations left her upset. The event was first reported by The New York Postwhich became a problem for CNN management.

Don Lemon also stirred reactions after he said that the Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley was past her prime at 51 years old. Don Lemon also claimed that he got the information from Google which left his colleagues stunned. He also offered a new culpa the next day but his female colleagues were still not impressed.

don lemon controversy

Things became worst for Don Lemon after he was spotted in Miami Beach after callous remarks about Haley. He was then ordered to take formal training but he did go back to his shambolic early morning show a few days later.

A CNN insider also revealed that Don Lemon had no defenders over the situation and that everyone was still angry at him. The insider also revealed that some people might like him personally but not professionally.

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How Long Did Don Lemon Work At CNN

don lemon controversy

Don Lemon had worked with CNN for 17 years and had been at the center of various scandals in recent memory but he didn’t think his time at CNN would eventually come to an end so soon. Don Lemon has also thanked his former colleagues and has praised them to be the most talented journalists in the business.

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