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It’s Official: Nancy Drew Season 4 Release Date is Finally Revealed!


Nancy Drew Season 4 Release Date: The story keeps going! Fans of Nancy Drew on The CW were surprised when the main character’s future with Ace took a star-crossed turn in season 3.

In the last episode, which aired in January, Nancy Drew (Kennedy McMann) thought she was finally with Ace (Alex Saxon), but a fatal car accident made her understand that it was all a lie made up by Temperance.

When Temperance (Olivia Taylor Dudley) died, she let out a curse that made it impossible for Nancy and Ace to date. But what about Nancy Drew Season 4? When Will it be available for streaming? Let’s Find out here.

In this article, we will discuss Nancy Drew Season 4 Release Date, Cast, plotline, and much more. So stay tuned with us till the end and read the full article to get all information.

Nancy Drew Season 4 Quick Info!

Title Nancy Drew
Director Amanda Michael Row
Genre Mystery Drama Supernatural horror
Release Date May 31
Where to Watch

When and Where to Watch Nancy Drew Season 4?

Season 4 starts on May 31 at 8 p.m. ET, which is Wednesday. After the long-running Arrowverse ends on May 24, the new show will take over The Flash’s time spot. If you want to watch the fourth season live, you can do so every Thursday at and on the CW app.

Nancy Drew Season 4 Release Date

Once the season is over, you can watch it on HBO Max. We’ll let you know when it will be available to stream on that app. Right now, you can watch seasons 1-3 whenever you want on the streamer.

Nancy Drew Season 4 Cast!

Actor Character
Kennedy McMann Nancy Drew
Scott Wolf Carson Drew
Alex Saxon Ace
Leah Lewis George Fan
Maddison Jaizani Bess Marvin
Tunji Kasim Ned “Nick” Nickerson
Riley Smith Ryan Hudson
Thomas Cadrot Jonas Glass
Sharon Taylor Shelby Glass

Nancy Drew Season 4 Storyline!

The CW’s official synopsis:

At the start of the fourth season of NANCY DREW, Nancy starts a new investigation to find a group of missing bodies from Horseshoe Bay’s graveyard that have been dug up and stolen or may have risen from the ground. As Nancy gets involved in this ghostly case, a series of spooky crimes that can’t be explained make the Drew Crew think that the sins of the town’s past have literally come back to haunt the living. In the meantime, Nancy has a hard time not wanting Ace, the man she loves.”

Nancy Drew Season 4 Release Date

“But when Nancy starts to feel a slow-burning attraction to the son of Ryan Hudson’s newest enemy, Nancy has to decide if this love interest is worth making her father and Ace angry. Ace’s heart may also be tempted by a new love interest. This season, Nancy’s adventures will lead the Drew Crew into a riddle unlike any they have had to solve before.”

“There will be many stand-alone cases, surprising turns, funny moments, and unexpected romances. When Nancy attempts to protect her seaside neighborhood from the sins of its past backfire, she has to do the unthinkable to save her friends from both supernatural and natural threats, which could cost her everything and everyone she’s ever loved.”

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Is There Any Trailer for Nancy Drew Season 4?

Yes, there is a trailer for Season 4 of Nancy Drew. The video was uploaded to YouTube on May 16, 2023, by The CW. In the final season, the trailer depicts Nancy and her friends confronting supernatural threats such as ghosts, demons, and spiders.


Nancy Drew Season 4 premieres on May 31 at 8 p.m. ET and will be available on HBO Max for streaming. Fans can view the fourth season live on and the CW app, as well as on HBO Max after the season has concluded.

In the series’ conclusion, Nancy Drew (Kennedy McMann) realizes that Temperance (Olivia Taylor Dudley) constructed an elaborate lie. When Temperance (Olivia Taylor Dudley) passes away, she unleashes a curse that prevents Nancy and Ace from dating.

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