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Eleceed Chapter 247 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where to Read Online!


Eleceed Chapter 247 Release Date: Eleceed is a fantasy manga with a lot of action. Chapter 247 of the famous Korean manga Eleceed brings back the exciting action and fantasy that made it so popular. The series started on Naver in 2019 and quickly became very popular.

Its cool art style and funny characters have kept fans hooked. In this blog post, we’ll talk about what happened in the last chapter and what to expect in Chapter 247. We will also tell you when the next part will come out and where you can read it. Scroll down and read the full post to get all your knowledge.

Eleceed Chapter 247 Quick Info!

Title Eleceed
Author Jeho Son
Chapter 247
Release Date May 22, 2023
Where to Read Webtoon

What is the Storyline of Eleceed?

Jiwoo is followed by Eleceed. On the outside, he looks like any other student. But no one knows about all of his amazing skills. His instincts let him move very quickly.

He has helped and saved people many times, but he never talks about it. Then he finds a cat, but it turns out to be a spy named Hayden who has changed into a cat.

Eleceed Chapter 247 Release Date

People are attacking him and the cat, so he uses his skills to save the cat. Also, they use his skills and the cat’s intelligence to fight all the bad things they come across, even the one that turns Hayden into a cat.

Eleceed Chapter 247 Release Date And Time!

Eleceed fans will be very happy! Fans can’t wait for Eleceed Chapter 247 to come out. Sources say that the chapter will be published on May 22, 2023, and that it will be available to read at different places and times. Fans can expect to see more plans for war like in the last chapter. If you enjoy this romance and Thrill manhwa, you may also enjoy Pearl Boy

With Jiwoo’s training and hard work, readers can expect an epic fight that will keep them on the edge of their seats. Mark your plans for the fun and thrills of Eleceed Chapter 247. Stay tuned if you want to know where to read it; we’ll let you know soon. The following is a list of the official data and the times at which it will be released:

Time Zone Time and Date
Eastern Indonesian Time 12:00 AM on May 22, 2023
Singapore Standard Time 11:00 PM on May 21, 2023
Pacific Time 07:00 AM on May 21, 2023
Eastern European Time 05:00 PM on May 21, 2023
Philippines Standard Time 11:00 PM on May 21, 2023
Korean Standard Time 12:00 AM on May 22, 2023
Japanese Standard time 12:00 AM on May 22, 2023
Indian Standard Time 8:30 PM on May 21, 2023
Central European Time 04:00 PM on May 21, 2023
U.S.A, New York 10:00 AM on May 21, 2023
Australian Capital Territory 01:30 AM on May 22, 2023

Spoilers for Eleceed Chapter 247: What Can We Expect From the Upcoming Chapter?

People will probably question Jiwoo and what he can do in Chapter 247. People will probably talk about the reports that he is Kayden’s disciple, and some will ask him directly how he got to be in that position.

Everyone is excited to see Jiwoo’s skills, which they expect to be just as good as Kayden’s. Most likely, the chapter will be about Jiwoo’s answer to these questions and how he deals with the demands put on him.

Recap of Eleceed Chapter 246: What Happen in The Previous Chapter?

When Jiwoo’s boss comes to see him, he is asked why he has cats over. He says that he has the power to talk to animals. She is upset by his answer, which makes her give off a scary vibe that makes Jiwoo have trouble breathing. Her helper calls, so she can’t tell him how weak he is because she has to go.

She looks very upset about how Jiwoo could have gotten Jayden to become his student. She says he doesn’t have enough power, so he shouldn’t have accepted the offer. Jiwoo goes away. She then tells Muse to watch out for Jiwoo.

Eleceed Chapter 247 Release Date

Jiwoo is lost in thought when the top ten students of the school come up to him and ask to talk. Jiwoo says no, but the top ten won’t let him say no to their faces. Then, Muse comes up from behind and tells them that Jiwoo has already made up his mind. She then leaves with Jiwoo.

Jiwoo is lost in thought when his cats come in and notice that he isn’t there. His cats make him feel better and tell him not to give up. Jiwoo slaps himself awake and gets some confidence back because he knows he has a hard day ahead of him and needs to be strong to get through it. He and the cat go back inside to bed.

Jiwoo soon walks into the room where everyone is. He says good morning to everyone. He didn’t know that reports were going around in the same room that he was Hayden’s student. Everyone questions him and his skills.

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Where Can I Read This Chapter of Eleceed? is the best site for fans of Eleceed manhwa who want to read the latest episode in English. The website has good English translations of the most recent Eleceed stories, like Previous Chapter 247.

Since Naver Webtoon only has the series in Korean, helps English-speaking fans keep up with Jiwoo and Kayden’s exciting adventures. This Manhwa is a great resource for Eleceed fans of all ages.


Eleceed is a thrilling webcomic with action-packed scenes and interesting story twists that keep readers on the edge of their seats. The end of chapter 246 was a cliffhanger because Jiwoo and his friends were facing a new threat from the mystery group. What will the next part of chapter 247 be about?

Will they be able to handle the risk and keep their secrets safe? To find out, we will have to wait until Eleceed part 247 comes out. The expected release date is May 22, 2023, but it could be different based on the region and platform. Stay tuned for more news, and don’t forget to tell us what you think and what you think will happen in the comments part below. Thank you for reading this post, and we hope you liked it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Will Eleceed Chapter 247 Come Out?

Chapter 247 of Eleceed is expected to come out on May 22, 2023, but the date could be different based on the region and platform.

Who is the Author of Eleceed Webtoon?

Jeho Son writes the Eleceed webtoon, and ZHENA draws it. Jeho Son is also the creator of the well-known webcomic Noblesse.

Is There an Anime Adaptation of Eleceed?

As of right now, there is no official news or proof that Eleceed will be made into an anime. But because of how famous and successful the webtoon is, it is possible that it will be turned into an anime at some point.

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