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The Mistress Runs Away Chapter 45 Release Date, Spoilers, and How to Read Online for Free!


The Mistress Runs Away Chapter 45 Release Date: Is the mistress now ready to flee? Rowena is aware of what occurred to Killian five years ago, as she was in chapter 44 of The Mistress Runs Away. Rowena is informed all about the queen and Killian by Rachel and Jenock.

Rowena received the response to her query from Killian as well. As soon as Rowena passed away, he assured her that he would marry someone else. Rowena’s situation is dire, and she has to find a method to get away from Killian quickly.

And if you’re wondering when the next chapter of the manga The Mistress Runs Away will be published, don’t worry; in this post, we’ll discuss when and where you can read Chapter 45 of The Mistress Runs Away.

In this article, we will discuss The Mistress Runs Away Chapter 45 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, and much more.

Scroll down and read the complete article if you wish to obtain all information.

The Mistress Runs Away Chapter 45 Release Date!

On June 5, 2023, KST, the next chapter of “The Mistress Runs Away” is expected. Weekly chapters are issued.

Recap of The Mistress Runs Away Chapter 44!

Rachel begins the chapter by recounting Rowena the tale of the duke. Killian’s fiancee passed away after falling off a horse eight years ago, but the circumstances raised doubts that it was an accident.

Prior to it, her family had experienced severe financial hardship due to the loss of their commercial ship in the seas.

The Mistress Runs Away Chapter 45

One by one, the family’s senior citizens either passed away or vanished, and shortly after, Killian’s fiancee perishes after falling off a horse. Rachel is asked by Rowena whether she is suggesting that she may have been killed accidentally.

Rachel responds in the affirmative, explaining that the duke’s marriage represents more than just a merger of two families since the royal family stands to gain. The queen was engaged in the decision-making, and the duke’s bride-to-be was carefully chosen from a line of supporters of the monarch.

However, there are claims that the queen was the one who planned that family’s demise. Rachel is questioned by Rowena as to why the queen would act in such a manner when her subjects backed her.

The royal families were protested, according to Rachel, since there were suspicions that the fiancée’s family intended to exploit the marriage to the duke to acquire ownership. The families couldn’t be prosecuted for treason at that moment, though, as they were just rumors.

Rowena questions Rachel about his majesty’s departure. Jenock informs her that Killian was involved. He explains to her that five years ago, she was in danger and many people thought she was a bother since she was the duke’s mistress. And since Killian was negotiating with the queen, that is why he consented to get married.

Rachel questioned whether he wasn’t implying that Killian wed Rowena for her benefit. Jenock clarifies that Killian sought to draw the queen’s attention away from his commercial activities, not because of that.

Why hasn’t anything occurred to Rowena, who tells him she’s engaged to Killian? She is advised by Jenock that Killian can shield her from the queen. Rowena is informed by Jenock that Killian wants to see her.

Later, Rowena is seen waiting for Killian at the mausoleum of the Devonshire family. Rowena asks Killian whether he would grieve her if she perished in an accident, and he responds that he would find a replacement wife quickly afterward since he can’t let the duchess post go unfilled.

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The Mistress Runs Away Chapter 45 Spoilers!

There are currently no spoilers available for Chapter 45 of The Mistress Runs Away.

The forthcoming chapter’s developing events and shocks will have to be anxiously awaited by series fans. As the narrative continues to enthrall readers, check back frequently for updates and savor the excitement.

The Mistress Runs Away Chapter 45

Where can I Read Chapter 45 of The Runaway Mistress Online?

You may read the English version of Chapter 45 of “The Mistress Runs Away” on Tappytoon. On Ridibooks, you may read The Mistress Runs Away in raw format (Korean).


Readers will have to wait patiently to discover the next steps in Rowena’s journey as she seeks to escape from Killian. The chapter is expected to release on June 5, 2023, and fans can read it on Tappytoon in English or on Ridibooks in raw format. Stay tuned for further updates and enjoy the anticipation as the story unfolds. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more manga updates.

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