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Rod Serling Cause Of Death Find All The Information You Need Here!


Rod Serling is an American screenwriter who passed away at the age of 50 years. However, the cause of the famous writer is still unclear and fans are curious to find out the cause of his death. This article covers all you will need to know about Rod Sterling and the cause of his death.

Early Life And Career

rod serling cause of death

Rod Serling was born on December 25, 1924, in Syracuse, New York City to a Jewish family. Rod Serling was the second of two sons and his father worked as a secretary and amateur inventory before the birth of his children. Rod Serling spent most of his childhood days in South Syracuse in Binghamton New York.

Rod Serling’s parents motivated him to his talents as a performer. Sam Serling built a mainstage in their basement for Rod Sterling where he would often perform and stage small plays. His older brother who was a writer revealed that when Rod Serling was about six years old Rod entertained him for hours by performing dialogue from Pulp magazines or movies that they had watched.

He further stated that Rod Serling would also ask questions whenever they are on a trip. Despite his enthusiasm, Rod Serling was seen as the class clown and was dismissed by many of his teachers and classmates.

rod serling cause of death

Despite all these, he found favor in his seventh-grade teacher Helen Foley who encouraged him to enter the school’s public speaking extracurriculars. Rod Serling then joined the debate team and was a speaker at his high school graduation.

He eventually started writing for his school newspaper and according to reports he established a reputation as a social activist. Rod Serling was interested in sports and he also performs well in tennis when he tried enrolling in the school team but was told he was too small to join.

Rod Serling also had a passion for radio and writing at an early age and was an avid radio listener. He was interested in radio and writing at an early age and was an avid radio listener and was interested in thrillers fantasy and horror shows.

Rod Serling also revealed in an interview that his favorite writers were Arch Oboler and Norman Corwin. He further stated that he tried to do some staff work at a Binghamton radio station and tried writing for them but never had any of his work published.

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Rod Serling’s Cause Of Death

rod serling cause of death

Rod Serling was reported to have died from a heart attack after having complications from smoking cigarettes. Rod Serling was said to smoke about three to four packs of cigarettes a day. He was reported to have had a heart attack on May 3, 1975, and was hospitalized for about two weeks.

He spent two weeks at Tompkins County Community Hospital before being released. However, a second heart attack two weeks later occurred and his doctors were forced to agree that an open-heart surgery although it was considered dangerous at that time.

Rod Serling had a ten-hour-long procedure on June 26, but he had a third heart attack on the operating table and was declared dead two days later at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York. He was 50 years old when he died.

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Rod Serling Obituary

rod serling cause of death

Rod Serling’s obituary took place on July 2 at Lake View Cemeteryin Interlaken New York. A memorial service memorial was held at Cornell University’s Sage Chapel on July 7, 1975. Rod Serling’s won’t Carolyn Louise Kramer Serling died at age 90. She was buried next to her husband.

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