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Secret Class Chapter 181 Release Date, Spoilers, and Where to Read?


Secret Class Chapter 181 Release Date: Fans are looking forward to Secret Class Chapter 181. Ko-bong woke up, and he needs to find out where Dae-ho went. He is just outside the room, and Dae-ho is having a good time with Mia and Joo-ri Noona inside.

These last few parts were really good, and we got to see many good scenes. But it looks like Dae-ho is in trouble again like he always is. Here in this piece, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Chapter 181 of Secret Class, which you’re probably looking forward to.

Secret Class Chapter 181 Quick Info!

Title Secret Class
Author GOTOUGE Koyoharu
Chapter 181
Release Date July 16, 2023
Where to Read Secret Class

Secret Class Chapter 181 Release Date and Time!

Secret Class Chapter 181 will come out on July 16, 2023, at 8:00 pm KST, so mark your calendars. On the Toptoon app, you can read for real. On July 16, Day Comics will put out the English version of the manhwa.

Secret Class Chapter 181 Release Date

We will update the information if the author and artist decide to take a break and the manhwa goes on pause. Don’t read from pirated sites and always read from the source platform to help the authors.

Secret Class Chapter 181 Spoilers!

As of right now, there have been no hints about what will happen in Secret Class Chapter 181. Fans are eagerly waiting for any hints or details about the next part, but at the moment, there is nothing to go on.

The fact that there are no spoilers makes the next part of this famous comic series even more exciting and fun to look forward to. People can’t wait to read Secret Class Chapter 181 and find out what’s going to happen next and what surprises are in store.

Secret Class Chapter 180 Recap!

In Secret Class Chapter 180, Ko-bong has woken up, and he needs to find out where Dae-ho has gone. He is right outside the door while Dae-ho is inside having fun with Mia and Joo-ri Noona. These last few chapters were truly great, with many scenes that will stick with you. But Dae-ho seems to be in trouble again, just like he always is.

The bad guy Is again in a tight spot, and it will be interesting to see how he gets out. Mia and Joo-ri Noona might know how to help. So-Hyun will look after Ko-bong, and Dae-ho will hide until Ko-bong is gone.

In the beginning of the last episode of Secret Class, Dae-ho was getting ready to get close to Mia and Joo-ri. But he asks the girl if it’s OK to do it in front of So-Hyun. She says it is fine out of the blue and that she wants to see how other people do it.

So-hyun walks and sits in a chair, and Dae-ho doesn’t know where to start.cDae-ho started to praise them both, starting with Joo-ri Noona. Mia doesn’t understand why he didn’t choose her since they had already kissed in the bathroom.

Sohyun wonders if Joo-ri will ever feel the same happiness and pleasure again. Then Dae-ho walks up to Mia and starts to play with her. When someone knocks on the door, everyone in the room is shocked. Ko-bong is outside the room and thinks they are sleeping.

Secret Class Chapter 181 Release Date

So-Hyun opens the door when Ko-Bong asks her why she is still awake. She acts like she’s yawning and says she’s asleep. Then Ko-bong asks if Dae-ho is still in the room because when he wakes up, Dae-ho wasn’t there.

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Where Can I Read Secret Class Chapter 181?

Do you like Secret Class, a well-known manga? If you want to read Chapter 181, all you have to do is go to Secret Class Website. There are a lot of webcomics like Secret Class on this site.

You can easily watch the latest episode of your favorite series on Webtoon. It is simple to use and easy to move around. Then why wait? Right now, go to Webtoon and start reading Secret Class Chapter 180.


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