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Secret Lady Chapter 83 Release Date, Spoilers And Where To Read?


Secret Lady Chapter 83 Release Date: Chapter 83 of Secret Lady is scheduled for release soon. Ronan proposed marriage to Aina in the preceding chapter. In Secret Lady Chapter 83, readers are intrigued to learn if Ronan had genuine affection for her or if he was just pretending to become more potent.

If the circumstance was causing her stress, Ronan advised her not to fret too much because the conflict would soon be over. Aina asked him if it would have been different if she had goddess-like power. Let’s tell you when Secret Lady Chapter 83 will be released and where you can read the unedited version online.

Secret Lady Chapter 83 Release Date and Time!

The release of Secret Lady Chapter 83 is anticipated for Tuesday, July 25, 2023, at 8:30 PM EDT. The following is the international schedule for Secret Lady Chapter 83:

Country Time Day Date
Australia 10:30 AM Tuesday July 25, 2023
Philippines 8:30 AM Tuesday July 25, 2023
Canada 8:30 PM Tuesday July 25, 2023
US 8:30 PM Tuesday July 25, 2023
Japan 9:30 AM Tuesday July 25, 2023
South Korea 9:30 AM Tuesday July 25, 2023
India 6:00 AM Tuesday July 25, 2023

Secret Lady Chapter 83 Spoilers!

As of now, the release of spoilers for Secret Lady Chapter 82 has not yet taken place. Fans and readers eagerly await any updates or sneak peeks about the upcoming chapter.

Secret Lady Chapter 83 Release Date

The anticipation is high, and the secrecy surrounding the chapter has only heightened the curiosity of the fans.

It’s a waiting game, filled with suspense and excitement, as everyone looks forward to unraveling the next chapter in the thrilling story of Secret Lady.

Secret Lady Chapter 82 Recap!

Ronan told her he only wanted to assist her, but he was powerless if she remained in the citadel. Aina told Ronan that she felt pointless, and Ronan told her to relax.

Ronan advised her to disregard what he said regardless of the outcome. Aina informed him that they disliked her because she was foreign and frail. He embraced her, advised her to concentrate on what he was saying, and inquired as to whether she felt at ease.

Aina told Ronan that she had gathered up some fruits and placed them in his cloak, and Ronan responded that he had devoured them all. Aina instructed him to demonstrate his worth to her if he wished to assist her, as she required only one item from him.

Aina told him to prove to her that he genuinely loved her because, when they first met, they were unable to articulate their true feelings. Ronan informed her that she needed to find a means to flee the village because he was looking for reasons to declare war because they had taken advantage of one another.

Due to this, their relationship became quite strained. Aina revealed to him that her actual name was Golden, and she recalled the incident. He interrupted her as she was about to speak in the village.

That was when she fell in love with him. Ronan admitted that if he had the goddess’s power, he would have used it for her benefit.

Where To Read Chapter 83 of Secret Lady?

Chapter 83 of Secret Lady will be accessible on tapas with an English translation. The unedited version of Secret Lady Chapter 83 is available on the Kakao Page.

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More About Secret Lady Chapter 83!

The officers advised Burberry to remain tranquil and instructed her to remain in place until assistance arrived. They were perplexed as to why she was sitting there. One of the officers told the other sentry that magic or something else was required to assist her.

He told him it would not be difficult; they would only need to destroy a few catapults. The guard warned him to watch his language and inquired whether she had always been the deity.

Secret Lady Chapter 83 Release Date

The guards informed him that he would have spent a long time in the conflict if the monarch had not brought her back. Ronan found Aina, informed her that he had been searching for her, and inquired as to why she was there.

Aina attempted to think positively; she hoped to discover a positive image of Ranotean. She understood that the unity among the Lords would not have been as strong if not for the conflict.

Aina asked Ranon if there was a problem, and Ranon replied that he simply wanted them to return to the village. She was curious as to how the villagers would respond.

Ronan told Aina to stare at him; he had previously told her that if she did not want him to depart, he would never let her regret it. Aina informed Ronan that it was too late for him to return, and despite having the capacity to liberate her, he could not take her without her consent.


In Secret Lady Chapter 83, readers eagerly await the truth behind Ronan’s affection for Aina. The release date is set for Tuesday, July 25, 2023. Spoilers are not yet available, adding to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the story. Stay tuned for another thrilling installment in the Secret Lady series. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more manga updates.

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