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Diaper Dust Net Worth Find Out The Net Worth Here


Diaper Dust first made its appearance on Season 13 of Shark Tank.

It was pitched by its famous inventor Regina Crisci. The product was able to increase Mark Cuban as a deal was struck with the inventor.

However, fans are eager to know what happened next as well as the net worth of Diaper Dust. This article covers all you need to know about Diaper Dust’s net worth as the latest news about the product.

Why Diaper Dust Was Invented

diaper dust net worth

Before the invention of Diaper Dust parents struggled to change diapers which can be one of the most difficult tasks for new parents due to the mess and odor it creates. Worst Diapers can quickly become filled with sticky fluids as well as bacteria and other containments.

These problems even continue as diapers also create a lot of waste which is often difficult to handle. When diapers are kept in palmer dust bins at home they could also make a foul smell and odour. The odor can linger and make your house smell unpleasant.

Regina Crisci decided to create Diaper Dust which is a unique all-natural powder that can be sprinkled in the diaper pail to neutralize odors. She revealed that the idea came when she first had the experience of diapers when she had her first child and she decided to invent something to help with the odor.

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Dust Diaper

diaper dust net worth

Dust Diaper is a powder created from activated charcoal and sodium bicarbonate. When it is applied to a diaper it absorbs odors and neutralizes them instantly.

It can also be used as an alternative to baking soda and neutralizing odor powders.

One eight-ounce of Dust Diapersor two ounce four bottles of Dust Diapers cost $14 each. The product can be gotten from Amazon and the official Dust Diaper site. Regina is a full-time nurse and has trouble with her products which made her contact Shark Tank for help.

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Diaper Dust Net Worth

diaper dust net worth

As of July 2023, it is reported that Diaper Dust has an estimated net worth of about $1 million while the inventor Regina Criscia is reported to have a net worth of about $250,000 at the moment. Diaper Dust can be gotten from any store across the United States.

They can also be easily available on its official site. The Founder Regina Criscia had to feel some of the shares of the company due to the inability and lack of marketing knowledge. The products are available for sale from across major stores in the United States.

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