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Finding Camellia Chapter 83 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where to Read?


Finding Camellia Chapter 83 Release Date: In chapter 83 of Finding Camellia, Claude will beat Camellia’s brother because of what he saw under Camellia’s bandage. Things between Claude and Camellia were going well, and Claude even told Camellia how he felt about her. So what did he see that made him so angry that he punched Camellia’s brother?

Well, I don’t want to give anything away, so if you want to know why Claude was so angry, you can read about it in the secret part below. Finding Camellia Manhwa seems like it will end soon, based on how things have been going in the last few episodes.

But there are still a lot of things that need to be taken care of before it ends. Since there aren’t many chapters left in the book to tell the story, it might end after 100 chapters. In the next part, let’s see what Claude does with Camellia’s brother.

And if you’re thinking about when the next chapter of the drama Manhwa Finding Camellia will come out, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll talk about when and where you can read Finding Camellia Chapter 83, with surprises.

Finding Camellia Chapter 83 Release Date and Time!

The next Finding Camellia part will come out on Saturday, August 5, 2023, KST. Each part comes out once a week. Chapter 83 of Finding Camellia will be shown in the following countries:

Timezone Time Date
Indian Standard Time (IST) 08:30 PM Friday, August 4, 2023
Central European Time (CEST) 05:00 PM Friday, August 4, 2023
New York 11:00 AM Friday, August 4, 2023
Pacific Time (PST) 08:00 AM Friday, August 4, 2023
Eastern European Time (EEST) 06:00 AM Friday, August 4, 2023
Philippines Standard Time (PHT) 11:00 PM Friday, August 4, 2023
Singapore Standard Time (SST) 11:00 PM Friday, August 4, 2023
Japanese standard time (JST) 12:00 AM Saturday, August 5, 2023
Australian Capital Territory (ACST) 01:00 AM Saturday, August 5, 2023
Eastern Indonesian Time (EIST) 12:00 AM Saturday, August 5, 2023
Korean standard time (KST) 12:00 AM Saturday, August 5, 2023

Finding Camellia Chapter 83 Spoilers!

There are no spoilers for Finding Camellia Chapter 83, and spoilers generally come out 12 hours before a new chapter comes out. We can still talk, though, about what the book says will happen in Finding Camellia Chapter 83.

Finding Camellia Chapter 83 Release Date

So, in the book, when Claude takes Camellia’s clothes off and takes off the bandages that had been wrapped around her breast, he sees the marks that were made by wrapping the bandages around her breast tightly for a long time. The marks were made when blood stopped flowing.

The way her family treats Camellia makes him angry. He was going to talk to her mother, but Camellia’s brother is in the way. Her brother is just as bad as her mother because he could have stopped her from doing it instead of telling her. I’m sure he would rather be Camellia’s dad than his brother. He would have had the same, because his anger was so much worse.

He was already angry about how her mother hurts Camellia’s mind, but now he’s seen that Camellia’s body has also been hurt. Camellia’s brother will know that he made a mistake and will apologize to both Camellia and Claude for it.

Because of how quickly Claude left after Camellia took off her clothes, she thinks that he might have liked her a lot and that’s why he left. Claude will even talk to Camellia’s mom about this and tell her how to talk to her. After that, he will tell Camellia to stay the way she is and not change for other people.

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Finding Camellia Chapter 83 Raw Scans!

As of the current status, raw scans for Finding Camellia Chapter 83 are not available. Fans and readers eagerly anticipate the release of this chapter, but until the official raw scans or translations become accessible, they will have to wait patiently for updates from the manga’s official sources or authorized platforms. As soon as the raw scans are released, fans will be able to enjoy the continuation of the story and follow the journey of the characters in Finding Camellia.

Finding Camellia Chapter 83 Release Date

Where Can I Read Chapter 83 of Finding Camellia to Read Online?

The raw (Korean) version of Finding Camellia Chapter 83 will be available on Ridibooks. The English version of Finding Camellia can be found on Manta.


In conclusion, Finding Camellia Chapter 83 promises an intense and emotional turn of events as Claude discovers distressing marks on Camellia’s body. The upcoming chapter hints at confrontations with her family and emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance. As fans eagerly await its release on August 5, 2023, the story’s unpredictable twists and character development keep readers engaged, eagerly anticipating the unfolding of the remaining chapters in the series. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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