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Go Away Romeo Chapter 34 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where To Read?


Go Away Romeo Chapter 34 Release Date: The next chapter of “Go Away, Romeo” will be out soon. Count Paris told Juliet in the last chapter to stop whatever she was planning with the church. In Go Away, Romeo Chapter 34, people want to know if Juliet will take his advice to heart. Rosaline was shaking while Romeo held her, so he made fun of her by asking if she was afraid of him or if she missed him.

Rosaline told him to look at her face and decide if she looked like someone who would miss him. Rosaline told Romeo that she wasn’t afraid of him, but rather sickened by him. She wasn’t sure who would miss a liar and loser, though.

Romeo said that the poison on her tongue had become more dangerous over time. Rosaline told him that he had no idea what she had been through. Romeo told her he didn’t need to know that because he could see how much she had changed.

Go Away Romeo Chapter 34 Release Date And Time!

Chapter 34 of Go Away, Romeo is set to come out on Wednesday, August 23, 2023, at 8:00 PM KST. Go Away, Romeo Chapter 34 will be shown in the following countries:

Location Time Date
Australia 09:00 PM AEST Wednesday, Aug 23
South Korea 08:00 PM KST Wednesday, Aug 23
Japan 08:00 PM JST Wednesday, Aug 23
Philippines 07:00 PM PHT Wednesday, Aug 23
Canada 07:00 AM NT Wednesday, Aug 23
India 04:30 PM IST Wednesday, Aug 23
US 07:00 AM EST Wednesday, Aug 23

Go Away Romeo Chapter 34 Spoilers!

As readers eagerly await the release of Go Away Romeo Chapter 34, the anticipation for the unfolding drama intensifies. In the previous chapters, the tangled relationships and emotions have left characters and readers alike in suspense. The intricate web of misunderstandings and hidden feelings seems poised to unravel, with hints at long-awaited revelations on the horizon.

Go Away Romeo Chapter 34 Release Date

Will the protagonists finally confront their emotions head-on, or will the misunderstandings deepen, leading to further complications? The manga’s ability to weave heart-wrenching moments with heartwarming interactions makes Chapter 34 a highly anticipated installment, promising to captivate fans and leave them yearning for more.

Go Away Romeo Chapter 33 Recap!

Romeo thought Rosaline was mad at him because he replaced her with Juliet, but Rosaline told him she was not mad but pleased. But she felt sorry for Juliet because she didn’t know what he wanted.

Rosaline told him that she knew how he played with everyone around him, so she didn’t think it would take Juliet long to figure it out on her own. Romeo told her she was getting very angry, and she teased him by bringing up their kid.

Rosaline was scared, but Romeo told her that he wasn’t going to take him away from her because their son would only hold him back. He then tried to get her to respond by saying that Rosaline couldn’t control her anger right now and hit him in the face.

After seeing that, everyone who was there was shocked. Romeo could not believe that she would hit him in front of everyone. Rosaline kept her cool when she said that there was a bug on his face.

She tells Romeo that if he comes near her son, she might kill him. Romeo thought it was funny, and after they had a fight, Rosaline left the party early. Count Paris went to the house to see Juliet, and she told him she was sorry for everything.

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Go Away Romeo Chapter 34 Raw Scans!

The excitement mounts as fans eagerly anticipate the release of raw scans for Go Away Romeo Chapter 34. These yet-to-be-revealed pages hold the potential to unlock the next phase of the character’s journey, shedding light on their emotional turmoil and evolving relationships.

Go Away Romeo Chapter 34 Release Date

While the exact content of the raw scans remains veiled, readers are prepared to immerse themselves in the unfiltered essence of the manga’s artistry and storytelling. The allure of witnessing characters’ expressions and subtle nuances in their interactions intensifies the anticipation, as fans look forward to delving deeper into the evolving narrative.

Where to Read Chapter 34 of “Go Away, Romeo”?

The English translation of Go Away, Romeo! Chapter 34 will be on Webtoons.


As “Go Away, Romeo” Chapter 34 approaches its release, readers brace for a captivating continuation of intricate relationships and emotional turmoil. Count Paris’s advice to Juliet lingers, sparking curiosity about potential shifts in her plans. A dynamic exchange between Rosaline and Romeo adds intrigue, setting the stage for heartwrenching revelations. With its impending release on August 23, 2023, at 8:00 PM KST, Chapter 34’s blend of suspense and emotion promises to enthrall fans across the globe. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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