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Is Peter Ash Gay? A Close Look At His Sexuality!


Is Peter Ash Gay? Peter Ash is an English actor from Moston, Greater Manchester. He has been in shows like Casualty, Footballers’ Wives, Hollyoaks, and Coronation Street.

Peter Ash’s sexuality has been talked about and guessed at by fans for years. Even though he has never talked about his sexuality in public, a lot of people have thought if he is gay or not.

Is Peter Ash then gay? Or do these stories have no truth to them? Let’s get right to it and read the story to find out how the star really feels about himself.

Who is Peter Ash?

Peter Ash is an English actor from Moston, Greater Manchester. He has been in shows like Casualty, Footballers’ Wives, Hollyoaks, and Coronation Street.

Ash went to Xaverian College in the Manchester neighborhood of Rusholme.
He first started playing in school shows and with local “am dram” theater groups.

In 2003, he had his first TV job in Blue Murder. This helped him get a bigger part in Casualty, where he played Keith Jowell for six shows.

He played Darius Fry on Footballers’ Wives from 2003 to 2006 when he was 18 years old.
In 2005, he was in the play Street Trilogy at Coventry’s Warwick Arts Centre. He was in the UK tour of War Horse at The Lowry theater in 2013–2015.

Is Peter Ash Gay?

Peter Ash is not gay. This could have happened because he played Paul Foreman on the popular soap show Coronation Street.

Is Peter Ash Gay

Speculation about his sexuality started when his character, Paul Foreman, and Billy Mayhew started planning their wedding. This was the show’s first gay marriage plotline, and it was a big moment for the show.

Peter’s personal life, on the other hand, shows a different truth. In real life, he has only met women and is in a relationship with a woman at the moment.

These real-life relationships show that he is straight and show the difference between his on-screen role and who he is in real life.

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Who is Peter Ash Dating?

Coroner’s Court Amy is Peter Ash’s girlfriend, and they’ve been together since 2018. The ups and downs of life in Wetherfield are nothing like this.

Peter, Amy, and Peter’s 12-year-old son Ayden’s life outside of the famous cobbles is all about family for actor Pete, who has played Corrie’s Paul Foreman since 2018 when he joined the show full-time.

Peter often posts pictures of himself and Amy, who last year finished nursing school. It’s been four years since they got together.

They started dating in 2018, and Peter shared a picture of their anniversary with the comment, “4 years ago, we had our first date in this same pub! “I love you.”

There are more photos of the happy couple than just this one. Pete often posts pictures of them on dates, on weekends away in places like Belfast and York, and just messing around and laughing.

Is Peter Ash Gay

Peter was seen laughing in a selfie with his wife Amy in one of his most recent posts. He and Amy have a son named Ayden, who he keeps out of the press.


In conclusion, the speculation surrounding Peter Ash’s sexuality has intrigued fans over the years, despite his lack of public comments on the matter. An accomplished English actor known for his roles in various TV shows, Ash’s portrayal of characters, including his role as Paul Foreman on Coronation Street, has occasionally sparked curiosity about his personal life. However, Peter Ash is not gay; his real-life relationships with women, including his girlfriend Amy, clearly demonstrate his heterosexual orientation. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more LGBTQ-related News and Updates.

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