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Remarried Empress Chapter 148 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans And Where to Read?


Remarried Empress Chapter 148 Release Date: The next chapter of Remarried Empress will come out this weekend. Alpha Tart and Sumpul’s “Remarried Empress” is an exciting mix of the magic, historical, josei, and romance styles. The story’s main character, Navier Ellie Trovi, is the perfect empress: smart, brave, and kind.

She is the perfect leader of the Eastern Empire because she is always true to her husband and to the people who follow her. But her peace is broken when her partner files for divorce and tells her about his lover. The readers are curious about Navier’s request to remarry and the divorce acceptance that came as a surprise. Because of this bold choice, an interesting story begins.

Readers eagerly turn the pages to find out more about her second marriage and rule, which is an interesting story that is skillfully woven from drama and magic. Let’s find out when Remarried Empress chapter 148 will come out, how often it will come out, and where you can read it.

Remarried Empress Chapter 148 Release Date And Time!

Chapter 148 of Remarried Empress is set to come out on September 16, 2023. Let’s look at when Remarried Empress Chapter 148 will air in different parts of the world:

Time Zone Date and Time
Japanese Standard Time, JST 12:00 AM on 17 September 2023
Indian Standard Time, IST 08:30 PM on 16 September 2023
Central European Time, CET 04:00 PM on 17 September 2023
U.S.A, New York 10:00 AM on 17 September 2023
Australian Capital Territory, ACT 01:30 AM on 17 September 2023
Eastern Indonesian Time, EIT 12:00 AM on 17 September 2023
Pacific Time, PT 07:00 AM on 16 September 2023
Eastern European Time, EET 05:00 PM on 17 September 2023
Korean Standard Time, KST 12:00 AM on 17 September 2023

Remarried Empress Chapter 148 Spoilers!

Fans of “Remarried Empress” eagerly await Chapter 148, but as of now, no spoilers for the upcoming chapter are available. Manga creators and publishers take strict measures to prevent unauthorized leaks and spoilers to preserve the excitement and suspense of the story for readers. So, for those curious about what’s next for Navier and the characters, patience is the key until the official release.

Remarried Empress Chapter 148 Release Date

Remarried Empress Chapter 147 Recap!

In Chapter 147 of “Remarried Empress,” no one knew who the mystery ghost was for a whole week. Because of this, even though Empress Navier didn’t want to, she had to meet Great Duke Kaufman. They talked about swapping things like fruits and grains that the kingdom needed.

Navier chose to ask a person she trusted a lot, called Hana, for advice on how to get these things to strange places and who she could trust to run the markets there. But Navier had only been a ruler for a short time, so she didn’t know much.

She thought that asking the Emperor for help would be a good idea. It would be easier if Navier wrote down everything that had happened lately and sent it to her advisors so that everyone knew what was going on. Then, there was a huge surprise.

A reputable source says that Duke Liberty knew that Marquis Catron was to blame for the present problems, but he did nothing about it. Everyone was shocked, and people started to wonder if the ghost had anything to do with it. Even though Marquis Catron was only a foreign minister, he could use magic to make things look real.

Even though Kaufman and Heinry were known for being good at magic, Navier thought that Heinry could solve this problem because he was a good observer. There were reports that Marquis Catron had been arrested and beaten up, which made the court very tense.

Even though she had asked the people who hurt him not to, she was angry and accused them. In Chapter 147, readers were excited to find out what would happen next in this interesting story because the house was full of tension and Rashta was determined to stop the Duke from leaving. Chapter 147 didn’t answer a lot of questions, so they were eager to find out what would happen next.

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Remarried Empress Chapter 148 Raw Scans!

Remarried Empress Chapter 148 Release Date

Furthermore, raw scans for “Remarried Empress Chapter 148” have not yet surfaced. Raw scans are the unedited and untranslated versions of manga chapters, and their release depends on various factors such as the manga’s serialization schedule and the actions of scanlation groups or individuals involved in unauthorized scanning and distribution. Fans looking forward to reading the chapter should stay tuned for updates regarding its official release.

Where to Read Remarried Empress Chapter 148?

Fans can read the raw version of Remarried Empress Chapter 148 on Naver Webtoon or Naver Series. You can also read the English version of Remarried Empress on Webtoon.


“Remarried Empress” fans can look forward to Chapter 148, set to release on September 16, 2023. However, no spoilers are available yet, and raw scans have not surfaced. The story continues to captivate readers as they eagerly await the next developments in Navier’s life and the unfolding court drama. The official English version can be read on Webtoon. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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