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Secret Class Chapter 189 Spoilers And Release Date: What to Expect?


Secret Class Chapter 189 Release Date: Secret Class Manhwa is a favorite among fans of the genre because of its exciting plot and romance scenes. As the series went on, people eagerly waited for each new episode to find out what their favorite characters would do next. As Chapter 189 gets closer to coming out, people are more excited than ever about what’s to come.

This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about Secret Class Chapter 189. We can help you with anything, from Reddit tips to raw scans and release dates. So, if you like the series and want to know what’s going on, you should read this.

Secret Class Chapter 189 Quick Info!

Title Secret Class
Author Gang-Cheol Wang
Chapter 189
Release Date September 24, 2023
Where to Read Secretclassmanga

Secret Class Chapter 189 Release Date And Time!

Chapter 189 of Secret Class will be out on September 24, 2023, so fans can mark that date on their calendars. Readers are getting more and more excited as they eagerly wait for the next part of Lori’s adventures and the interesting drama that is sure to happen. So, get ready for this important date, which promises to bring new twists and turns to the story that fans have been following closely.

Secret Class Chapter 189

Secret Class Chapter 189 Spoilers!

At the moment, there is no good way to know what will happen in Secret Class Chapter 189. Still, fans of the book can be sure that Dae Ho’s aunt and sisters will keep teaching him their secret training.

Throughout the whole collection, Dae Ho’s path has been to grow as a person and gain knowledge by dealing with different people and situations.

Dae Ho’s life has been changed by the puzzle class in a big way. By getting special training in this beauty, he has become better at dating and gained more self-confidence. The story is about how Dae Ho has changed and learned to deal with hard situations with women.

In Chapter 189, readers can expect Dae Ho’s aunt and sisters to teach them more important lessons and show them how to get ahead. This secret coaching has not only changed his relationships with women, but it has also helped him grow as a person.

It’s still interesting to see how Dae Ho will use the new information he’s learned and how it will change his relationships with the people around him. Even though there isn’t a peek for this chapter, fans of Secret Class Manhwa can be sure that Dae Ho’s story will get better.

Secret Class Chapter 188 Recap!

In Secret Class chapter 188, we learn more about how Wang Jung and Seohyun feel about each other and how difficult their relationships are. After their heated fight in the last chapter, Wang Jung is still feeling upset as his feelings for Seohyun grow stronger.

At the beginning of the chapter, the two get into a heated fight as Wang Jung tries to figure out how he feels and what he wants. Seohyun, on the other hand, can’t decide between how she feels about Wang Jung and how she feels about her husband, Sanghoon. In this part, the stories of the characters show how hard it is for them to deal with their complicated love triangle.

The story of Secret Class is about the main character, Daeho, and his trip through a world where normal things take strange turns. Daeho often finds himself in situations where acts that seem harmless lead to results he didn’t expect. Even though the story is full of romance and humor, it also has some scary parts that keep readers interested.

Secret Class Chapter 189

As Daeho goes through his life, the show looks at how his relationships with other people are complicated. It’s more than just a normal love story because it looks at the complexities of friendship, love, and the problems they bring.

The story of Secret Class is a mix of humor, romance, and tension. This makes it a popular and interesting webtoon series that keeps readers interested in how Daeho’s life is going to turn out.

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What to Read Secret Class Chapter 189?

Those who want to read Secret Class Chapter 189 can easily find it on a number of online comic sites Such as SecretClassManga. Just sign up for an account on the site of your choice, find the comic, and start reading! You might also be able to find physical copies of “Secret Class” at local comic book shops or through online retailers, based on where you live and how famous the series is.


In summary, “Secret Class” fans eagerly await Chapter 189, set to release on September 24, 2023. While specific spoilers remain unknown, readers can expect Dae Ho’s journey of personal growth to continue as he learns from his aunt and sisters’ secret training. The series has garnered a dedicated following for its mix of humor, romance, and suspense, making it a beloved webtoon. Stay tuned for the next chapter’s exciting developments. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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