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Venus in The Sky Episode 4 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap And Where to Watch?


Venus in The Sky Episode 4 Release Date: This is the story of Venus, who stops working for a while. He hasn’t stopped working for three years, and he is finally too tired to keep going.

He goes back to his hometown so he can help his brother run the shop where they both work. During his time there, he helps with small chores like delivering packages, but one night, he meets Sky, a new customer.

Sky is a doctor, and even when he has a lot of work to do, he is always happy. Venus falls in love with him as she spends more time with him. If you’ve been keeping up with this one, you might be wondering when the next show will come out. Well, no more wondering!

Here is all the information you need about Venus in the Sky episode 4: when it will come out, what time it will air, and where you can watch it.

Venus in The Sky Episode 4 Release Date And Time!

The fourth episode of Venus in the Sky will come out on September 23 at 10:45 pm (IST) or 5:15 pm (GMT). We can also expect English subtitles when the video comes out on YouTube.

You can expect episode 4 to be about 50 minutes long, which is the same length as the other episodes. The Thai thriller Venus in the Sky has 10 episodes, so after this one, there are still 6 more to go!

Venus in The Sky Episode 4 Spoilers!

Sky is struggling to mend his relationship with Venus after rejecting him back in college. Despite his attempts to reconcile and apologize, Venus remains distant and hesitant. However, a potential turning point might be when Sky gets advice from Kla to approach Venus through their shared professional interests—design and interior decoration.

Sky could attempt this approach, initiating a conversation about work in the hope of rekindling a connection with Venus. How Venus responds to this effort could shape the upcoming episodes, revealing if their relationship can find a path forward.

Venus in The Sky Episode 3 Recap!

Venus and Sky go to the movies at the beginning of Episode 3 of Venus in the Sky. Even though Sky is afraid of ghosts, he still chooses to watch a ghost movie, telling Venus that he is no longer scared.

In the movie, a different scene that shows what might happen if Venus is the one who is scared ends with Sky kissing Venus. Sky, on the other hand, is the scared cat. He keeps his eyes closed the whole time.

When the movie is over, Sky is still so scared that she can’t even drive. He also won’t go home by himself, and he insists on taking a shower at Venus’s house. He has a fit when Venus says no, which makes Venus give in and let him in.

Venus in The Sky Episode 4 Release Date

Sky drips water on the floor because he tried to take a shower outside with the hose pipe and his clothes are wet. Venus slips on the wet floor and hurts his toe.

Sky gets some first aid supplies from the bathroom, cleans the cut, and then asks Venus for another chance. He says he’s sorry for turning him down in college and that he’s learned from his mistake.

He really likes Venus and begs for a second chance. Venus, on the other hand, is not having any of it. When he gets mad, he tells Sky to go cry in the bathroom.

Sky, who is upset, thinks about his life in college after he turned down Venus and was left alone. He does this while taking a shower.

When he went to the places they used to go together, he felt sad and alone. He was happy with Venus and liked spending time with her. He didn’t know how much she meant to him until she left him.

After Sky is done taking a shower, Venus begs him to help her up the stairs. Janus comes in just as Sky is leaving the room, and he tells Sky that Venus had a small accident but is fine.

Sky shows up at the hospital the next day. His sad expression lets his friend Day know how he’s feeling. He tries to get Sky to be happy at work because everyone in the hospital will see how sad he is.

Sky says that he is weak when it comes to his emotions. He wants to hide his feelings because saying what’s in his heart and showing how much he loves someone is pointless if that person chooses to ignore them.

In the next scene, Sky works hard at the hospital to keep his feelings in check as he checks on patients and gives them medical advice. Day asks him to use his phone to order food because they have both been too busy to eat. Janus’s 7-Eleven gets the food order, and since no one else is available to make the delivery, Janus asks Venus to do it.

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Where to Watch Venus in The Sky Episode 4?

On the 9NAA YouTube page, you can find the videos. As usual, each show will be broken up into four parts. The show will also be able to be watched on IQIYI.


In the next episode of Venus in The Sky, Sky attempts to reconcile with Venus, seeking advice from Kla on connecting through their shared professional interests. This move may redefine their relationship. Episode 4 releases on September 23, promising deeper emotional exploration and engaging plot twists. With six episodes remaining, viewers can expect a captivating and emotional journey. To read more Entertainment related articles, stay tuned with our website 

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