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Acura Lease: Japanese quality and design


Acura Division is known to be the North American branch of the Japanese concern Honda. It mostly specializes in the manufacturing of luxury and sports cars. American Honda Plant was established in California in 1986. The brand name Acura was created three years later.

The main difference between Acura cars and some Honda models is in their sporty design and a high level of standard equipment. After 1986, the Acura model range was expanded and now includes eight lineups. The majority of Acura models are produced in the USA. Nowadays Acura is known by people who really appreciate high Japanese quality and sporty elegant design. This is why more and more customers opt for acura lease deals.

Acura lease deals at Grand Prix Motors

acura lease

Grand Prix Motors is a leasing company from New York that focuses on helping its customers to find the most affordable lease deals. Specialists from Grand Prix Motors will help you find various types of vehicles for lease near New York and in different boroughs. We will definitely provide you with affordable options of Acura. The prices of the deals vary, but mostly they are really competitive. Moreover, there are always some special offers available. The models available include:

  • RDX AWD;
  • RLX;
  • NSX;
  • MDX;
  • and many more.

Step-by-step for leasing Acura

Finding the best acura lease deal is easy with Grand Prix Motors website. Check out our online catalog where the available options are represented. Our lease specialists will assist you and navigate you through the leasing process. After you have found the best option, you can quote it and wait a bit for the response.

Moreover, if you would like to know an approximate amount of monthly payment, use the online calculator! With its help you are able to plan your budget in regards to a lease deal. The delivery is also fast and super easy. After you’ve confirmed your deal, the brand-new vehicle will be shipped to your doorstep within the time period of 48 hours.

Trade-in for saving money – best conditions

Another great benefit of choosing Grand Prix Motors is that we offer the Trade-In program. It allows you to save your money and get a new Acura vehicle cheaper since you will trade in your current car. This way you will not need to pay for the leased car in full monthly payment.

Choosing to participate in the Trade-In program allows you to get a discount on the next Acura lease deal. You don’t have to worry about the paperwork – it will be done by our specialists. Grand Prix Motors is the best place for people who would like to get a fancy new Acura and enjoy driving a car of this Japanese brand at a low monthly cost. Start exploring the options of acura lease deals that we have in order to find your dream car!

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