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Serena Chapter 56 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scan, And Where to Read?


Serena Chapter 56 Release Date: Romantic manhwas that take place in the past are appealing because of their beautiful palace settings, loving characters, and stunning dresses.

Serena, the manhwa we’re going to talk about today, is a well-liked one with a main theme of romance set in the past. If you’ve been reading this beautiful manhwa, you might be wondering when it will be back. You’ve arrived at the right place.

In this piece, we’ll talk about when Serena Chapter 56 will come out, as well as its story, cast, spoilers, and other news. Let’s get going.

Serena Chapter 56 Release Date And Time!

Serena Chapter 56 will come out on October 13, 2023, which fans all over the world are very excited about. But if you want a sneak peek before the official release, the tease and raw scan are set to come out on October 10, 2023.

Serena Chapter 56 Spoilers!

As avid fans eagerly await the next installment of the popular manga “Serena” in Chapter 56, it’s important to note that spoilers for this upcoming chapter are currently unavailable.

The storyline’s details and surprises are being closely guarded, leaving fans in suspense about the events and developments that will unfold in this latest chapter.

Serena Chapter 56 Release Date

The absence of spoilers heightens the anticipation, adding to the excitement and speculation among readers regarding the direction the narrative will take.

Serena Chapter 55 Recap!

In the last part, we found out that Serena and Eizer couldn’t get away from the rain. Out of nowhere, a rainbow appeared and changed their dull situation into something beautiful.

When Serena saw the rainbow for the first time, she was amazed by how bright and beautiful it was. Eizer, on the other hand, seemed to be focused on something else. He looked at Serena and said “Beautiful” in a strong way.

This little thing they said to each other hints at a deeper emotional theme in the story.

Serena Chapter 56 Raw Scans!

Additionally, raw scans for Chapter 56 of “Serena” have yet to be released. Raw scans, which are the initial, unedited versions of the manga chapter, serve as a foundation for translations and discussions among the manga community.

As enthusiasts anxiously await the publication of these raw scans, they exhibit patience, knowing that these scans will provide a glimpse into the artwork and storyline before the official release.

The unavailability of raw scans further emphasizes the eagerness and curiosity of fans, who are eager to immerse themselves in the latest developments of this captivating manga series.

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Where Can I Read Serena Chapter 56? 

Serena is on Naver Webtoon. You can read it on the Naver website and on the app, which is available for both iOS and Android. You’ll need to download the app to get the new Selena story as soon as possible.

So far, Serena does not have an English version. But there are private websites where you can find fan versions of Selena’s songs.


In the enchanting world of romantic manhwas set in historical backdrops, “Serena” stands as a beloved creation, capturing hearts with its intricate palace settings, endearing characters, and exquisite attire. As readers eagerly anticipate the next chapter, Chapter 56, they can mark their calendars for October 13, 2023, a date that holds the promise of unveiling new twists and turns in this captivating tale. The allure of this manhwa lies not only in its narrative but also in the sense of anticipation that builds with each forthcoming release. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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