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How To Get The Erebus Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty?


It’s always exciting to get a well-known or talked-about weapon in a game group. The appeal isn’t just that they are the best in the game; it’s also that they offer unique experiences and fun while being used.

Most of the time, these guns are considered legendary, which gets players excited about what they could be used for. They might be useful later in the game, and they are often tied to difficult side tasks, which makes the journey to get them even more satisfying.

In Cyberpunk 2077’s huge world, the Phantom Liberty update added a lot of new guns and quests that go with them, making the game more fun to play. One of these new things is the EREBUS, which is a weapon that can be used later in the game.

The fact that it won’t be available right away doesn’t make people less excited about it. Instead, it makes them more excited to get it when they do. After getting Erebus, you can do a lot of other things in the game, which is smart because it gives you more chances to use and enjoy this highly sought-after tool.

The Blueprint and The Cerberus Part!

You have to do the Somewhat Damaged quest to get this weapon. If you sided with Reed in Firestarter, you will get this quest as a follow-up. If you choose Songbird, the Killing Moon quest will be given to you instead.

So, this will be one of your tasks if you agree to help catch Songbird and don’t let her get away. During this task, there will be a cutscene in which an enemy machine named Cerberus will be sent after you to kill you.

You will be able to leave after a few quick time button prompts. Keep going with this mission until you reach the “Find data terminal Victor” goal.

How To Get The Erebus Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Get to the quest sign and look at the top of every door you pass until you see one that says “Make a left for Storage.” This is how you will get to Maintenance, so remember this door.

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You need to have a high enough Tech Ability to hack this door. If your Tech Ability isn’t high enough, you can go to Storage to turn on the power. Once you’re able to go through this door, you’ll be able to get to a room where you can find the Erebus design.

When the job is over, you can take a piece of Cerberus out of the Core Command room while you are in the Core Command room.

How The Erebus Was Made

Go to Yoko in the Edgenet Market. She will turn it into the behavioral component you need to make the weapon. Erebus is the name of the machine that tried to kill you.

This is why the name of the weapon is the same. Erebus does more damage to enemies with low health, and when he hits them, he will hack them.

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