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Where To Get The Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector in Starfield?


Where To Get The Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector in Starfield? In “Starfield,” the Ship Builder feature gives players a huge amount of freedom when it comes to building and improving their spaceships. The options are endless, whether they want to change a current ship to better fit their needs or start from scratch and make a whole new design.

There are a lot of different ship parts in the Ship Builder menu, so players can easily find and combine the ones that work best for them. There’s still more action to come, though. As players move through the game, they can unlock new ship parts.

Even though these new parts may cost money, the money is usually well spent, especially if the owner wants to make their ship work better and do more. As a result, this dynamic system motivates players to be creative, make smart decisions, and keep exploring the vast, celestial worlds of “Starfield.”

How to Get the Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector to Work?

Players must join the UC Vanguard in order to get The Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector. You can do this by going to New Atlantis’s MAST area and then to the UC capital building above the tram stop.

When you walk into the building, look to the left side of the room for the Vanguard desk. This is where you can sign up and talk to a recruiter. This is the start of the first task in the UC Vanguard storyline, the Supra Et Ultra mission.

The main goal of this quest is to get you introduced to the Vanguard. When the quest is over, you will be sworn in. After this, you’ll be able to buy Vanguard gear, like the Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector.

The Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector: Where to Buy It?

Even after you unlock this weapon, you’ll still have to buy it before you can put it on your ship. You can buy this gun from a Ship Services Technician in any big city. Choose “I’d Like to View and Modify My Ships” when you talk to a technician.

Where To Get The Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector in Starfield

Click “Ship Builder” in the bottom left corner of the ships page, then click “Add.” In this screen, you can see all the parts you can buy and put on your ship, broken down by type.

The Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector can be found by scrolling down the “weapons” tab. This weapon is worth the money and should be used instead of most Class A guns on a ship, even if it is pricey. The part can be bought here, and then you’ll need to find a spot on your ship to put it in.

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What Kind of Power Does the Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector Have?

The Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector is a Class A weapon that can be put on any ship, nothing too weak. Even though it’s not one of the strongest ship weapons, this one is still very strong and useful throughout its ranks.

The range of this particle weapon is 3000, and it does the same amount of damage to a ship’s shields and hull. This weapon will destroy most enemy ships because it has a good fire rate and two energy spots per gun.

Because of its general stats, this weapon should be your main one. You should also have an extra rocket weapon to help your ship deal more damage.

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