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How To Get A Home In Akila City in Starfield?


How To Get A Home In Akila City in Starfield? “Starfield” gives players the freedom to make their own paths in its huge world. You can choose to be a noble Freestar Ranger and keep the peace in the Freestar Collective’s territory, or you can be a rebellious Crimson Fleet Pirate and spread chaos across the universe. Either way, the game gives you a lot of control over how your character turns out.

Property ownership in the Settled Systems is one of the most important things that lets players show their unique personalities. Buying and decorating different homes, especially the two in Akila City, is a way to show yourself and make things your own.

This not only lets players leave their mark on the game world, but it also gives them a chance to show off their imagination by making these places their own and arranging them in a way that fits their tastes and goals.

If you’re ready to put money into it, you can buy both buildings in Akila City. This gives you a real stake in the space adventures that lie ahead. Here’s a guide to how you can buy these things.

How Do I Get to Akila City?

The world Akila has a city called Akila City. This planet is in the Cheyenne Solar System and is the main home of the Freestar Collective group. Here is where their police force, the Freestar Rangers, has its main office and does its work.

The city has a feel of the old west. For the Freestar Rangers, they are the group with the most morals. When you get to the city, you can buy two houses right away. One is in The Core, which is the main part of town, and the other is in Midtown, which is in the middle of town.

The Core Manor!

You’ll need to talk to a certain NPC if you want to buy this house. Fortunately, that NPC is right next to this house. The name of this NPC is Ngodup. Behind the Freestar Rangers’ offices, which is one of the biggest buildings in town, is where the house is.

How To Get A Home In Akila City in Starfield

The Freestar Ranger story line will also take place here. Most likely, you know where this building is already. This is in The Core, which is the main part of town.

After you talk to Ngodup, he’ll sell you the house for 78,000 Credits. Even though the house is small (it only has a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom), it has enough space for you to make it a good home. It also has a small area outside that makes it look like a nice place to live.

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The Stretched Apartment!

The Stretched Apartment is a lot smaller and a lot cheaper. When you walk in, you’ll see that it’s all one big room with walls that split it up. You will also need to talk to Ngodup if you want to buy this house.

Again, he is in front of The Core Manor, which is right behind the Freestar Rangers’ offices. As soon as you talk to him, he’ll offer to sell you the house for 45,000 Credits. Then you can go into the house and start arranging it in any way you want.

As was already said, the flat is one big room that is split up by walls. There is enough room to build a bedroom, bathroom, sitting area, and maybe even a kitchen. But each of these parts would be very small.

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