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Where To Find Washakie in Starfield? Let’s Explore!


Where To Find Washakie in Starfield? In Starfield, the universe is huge, and there are many worlds ready to be found and explored. Each world has its own unique areas to explore and important resources just ready to be found. Going out into these different areas will not only be exciting, but it will also lead to a lot of side quests.

Not only does completing these quests add depth to the story, but they also give you credits, which are needed to level up and improve your skills, and XP, which is needed to level up. The sky is full of chances like these, and Starfield is a great game for people who want to go on a cosmic journey like no other.

How to Get Washakie?

The Cheyenne System is just two systems away and is up and to the left of Alpha Centauri. Washakie is a planet in this system. It is suggested that you start at level 1, and any ship can jump to this system.

Where To Find Washakie in Starfield

The Freestar Collective also runs this system, so be careful if you have a reward with them or are breaking the law because the bounty will follow you to other systems. Third from the sun is Washakie in the Cheyenne system.

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What’s On Washakie?

If you finish the main quests, you’ll be sent here to find a Starborn Temple and use its power. The quest will tell you where to find it.

Water, Argon, Benzene, Neon, Silver, Lead, and Uranium are the seven resources you need to find on this planet. You also need to scan two traits to get a full picture of the world.

You can go to the Science Outpost or the Industrial Outpost to get there quickly. The Science Outpost is empty except for the robots that are guarding the loot inside from people who shouldn’t be there, like the player.

The Industrial Outpost is a group of workers who are having trouble with the Crimson Fleet. If you agree to help them, they will hire someone else to do the work for them. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Gaming-related Tips and Tricks.

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