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How To Get The Datura Ship in Starfield?


How To Get The Datura Ship in Starfield? The Datura ship is a unique craft that provides the gateway to many unexplored adventures in the vast Starfield cosmos. But it’s not a ship that will just fall into your lap; rather, it’s a prize that is easily missed and can only be obtained by participating in a well-planned, private activity.

More specifically, the Datura ship is closely linked to the mysterious Ryujin faction questline. You need to be careful how you engage with a character by the name of Simon in order to start the quest that will eventually bring you to this desired spacecraft.

You must carefully consider the chat options you select since only a particular combination of answers will lead to the Datura ship. For individuals who are committed to completing tasks to the best of their abilities, obtaining the Datura ship elevates it above mere accomplishment.

This one-of-a-kind craft will enhance your cosmic voyage and prove that you have thoroughly explored the Starfield cosmos. Moreover, obtaining the Datura spacecraft isn’t the only benefit of the mission; you’ll also get an extra prize in the shape of a unique weapon that will definitely come in handy throughout your cosmic voyage.

This article gives you a thorough, step-by-step instruction to make sure you get the unique weapon that goes with the Datura ship in addition to securing it. Possessing these resources will put you in a strong position to overcome the obstacles and mysteries that lie ahead in the expanse of Starfield.

Getting The Side Job Concerning Datura

You must start the Ryujin faction mission Top Secrets in order to obtain the Datura ship-related task. Continue on the journey until you come across an objective telling you to meet Simon Ryczek.

On Mars, Simon may be found in the city of Cydonia. Talk to him and go through the chat options until you come to a place when you may pay 10,000 credits, learn about a side job, or convince him. You HAVE to decide to learn more about the side gig.

How To Get The Datura Ship in Starfield

Following this, you will receive a new mission under the Top Secrets quest that instructs you to locate the Datura in Saturn’s orbit. As you quickly approach Saturn’s orbit, an incoming Datura communication will be received by you.

Accept the message to interact with an NPC, then choose the appropriate conversations to board the ship by following the prescribed order:

  • Are you looking for a man named Simon Ryczek?
  • I’m here to save your life.
  • I can stop Simon Ryczek from hunting you.
  • Simon will stop if he believes you’re dead.
  • Simon wants your gun as proof of death.

The Datura’s NPC will then ask you to dock with the ship and board in order to retrieve her gun.

Controlling The Datura

Once on board the Datura, look toward the cockpit to locate Malai Liskova. You have to chat with Malai and decide whether to murder or convince her in order to finish the mission objective. You can obtain her gun, the Ember, from any choice.

The Ember is a special and rare handgun in the game. Ember is a laser pistol that has a sleek appearance and the ability to load up to seven modifications in addition to the six that are already pre-installed.

But before you can control the vessel, you have to take out Malai on the Datura. Next, take control of the vessel and visit a another planet. You cannot register the Datura in-game unless you contact a ship services technician since the spacecraft is officially stolen.

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Features of Datura Ships!

With a grav jump range of 17 light years and a crew capacity of four, the Datura is a class A vessel. Apart from being an exclusive vessel that may be amassed, the Datura doesn’t do anything noteworthy to significantly enhance your space travel experience. Even though the spacecraft is worth 66,654 credits, selling it will only get you around 10% of what it really cost after registration.

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