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Where Is House Va’ruun Located in Starfield?


Where Is House Va’ruun Located in Starfield? Starfield has a big world with lots of different groups that players can join, fight, or just get around as they go on their journeys in the game. The game gives players the freedom to choose their role, whether they want to be a good guardian protecting the weak in the Freestar Collective or a more daring and pirate-like member of The Crimson Fleet, embarking on a different kind of adventure.

Unfortunately, House Va’ruun is one of the groups that makes the Starfield story much more interesting. This secret society is wrapped in mystery, and its members are very religious about The Great Serpent, a god who is thought to be the mastermind behind the world.

People and views of all kinds can be found in House Va’ruun, including passionate followers who are completely devoted to their faith. These devoted members often show their love by doing extreme or even violent things, especially to people who are seen as strangers or who don’t believe.

What Does House Va’ruun Do?

The United Colonies, the Freestar Collective, and House Va’ruun were the three groups that signed the Armistice during the Colony War, which was fought over the worlds in the universe and who had rights to the land. House Va’ruun is one of these three main groups, but not much is known about it.

People in this group have been looked down upon because they believe in the Great Serpent, who in their faith created the world. There are also a lot of zealots in this group, which has hurt their image with everyone else in the Settled Systems.

Where Can I find House Va’ruun?

Because the radicals tore House Va’ruun apart from the rest of the Settled Systems, no one knows for sure where they are. When you spend time with Andreja, you’ll find out that she is a House Va’ruun spy sent to watch over Constellation. The world they are on is called Va’ruun’kai, and their main city is called Dazra. She will confirm this.

They haven’t said how far their area goes. It could be a single planet, a solar system, or even a whole part of the world. Because of this, not many people know how to get to this part of space.

Where Is House Va'ruun Located in Starfield

When members of House Va’ruun leave the world, they have no way to get back. After being dropped off in the Settled Systems, they have to hide the fact that they are from House Va’ruun.

From then on, they will only be able to talk to their home planet and people once while they are outside of their solar system. Andreja also says that the traditions in her home are very different from those in the rest of the Settled Systems. In spite of this, she doesn’t say much more, leaving players to wonder what’s different. Books or Andreja herself are the only ways to learn about House Va’ruun.

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Can You Go to House Va’ruun or Join It?

No one has been able to find House Va’ruun in the game yet. The only time you can get that close is during Andreja’s “Divided Loyalties” quest. She will face her meeting with House Va’ruun in this quest.

But she will never again be able to talk to her people or visit her home country, no matter what happens. You will not be able to join House Va’ruun even if you choose the Serpent’s Embrace Trait.

You say you grew up in House Va’ruun, but there’s no way for you to interact with its members or go to their planet. A lot of players on Reddit think that House Va’ruun might get more information in a future DLC. But for now, we don’t know much about this mystery group.

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