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Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 Release Date, Spoilers Where To Read? Every Update Inside!


Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 Release Date: Chainsaw Man is a massive hit manga series based in Japan and has amassed a huge fan base of readers. Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 will soon be published and readers can immerse themselves into the life of Denzi written and illustrated by  Tatsuki Fujimoto. 

Denji is a poor young man who enters into a deal to have parts of his body fused with those of a canine demon named Pochita, giving him the power to turn other parts of his body into chainsaws. After a while, Denji enlists in the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a government organization dedicated to combating devils whenever they pose a threat to Japan.

The readers are eagerly waiting for the release of Chainsaw Man Chapter 149. In this blog post, you will get every update about the release date, spoilers, and where to read Chainsaw Man Chapter 149.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 Release Date

Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 is going to be released on November 14, 2023. The date and timings of the release will vary across the regions due to the differences in time zones. Here is a detailed schedule for the release of Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 for various countries and regions.

Country Date of Release Timings
Japan 15 November 2023 12:00 AM
South Korea 15 November 2023 12:00 AM
Australia 15 November 2023 12:30 AM
India 14 November 2023 08:30 PM
New York (USA) 15 November 2023 08:00 AM
Philippines 14 November 2023 11:00 PM

Do check the timings of the release of Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 according to your region.

Where to Read Chainsaw Man Chapter 149?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 Release Date

You can read Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 on Viz Media. All the previous chapters of Chainsaw Man are available there as well. 

Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 Spoilers

Spoilers for the  Chainsaw Man Chapter 149  have not been released yet. Spoilers and Raw Scans are usually available three or four days before the release date of a new chapter of any manga series. We will update if the spoilers are released on the expected date. The spoilers and raw scans can be misleading and ruin the readers’ experience. Therefore, it is advised to wait for the original chapter on the release date.

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Recap of Chainsaw Man Chapter 148

In the previous chapter of Chainsaw Man, we saw Balem, the Swordsman (Miri Sugo), and the other four individuals, referred to as “weapons,” enjoying themselves at a fast-food restaurant despite Denji’s concerns.

Balem goes on to say some frightening things, such as the fact that God will forgive us regardless of how many people we kill tomorrow and that people, weapons, and demons were created to kill people. 

There, demons were causing chaos, but the Devil Hunter had put an end to them. A movie was being watched by Denji and Hirofumi Yoshida, with the other seats empty. The demon of hunger, Kiga-chan, intended to construct the Chainsaw Man Church to incite a civil war in Japan and restore Yoru’s power. 

By transforming her room into a weapon, Asa hopes to demonstrate to the war devil her strategic prowess. Asa is currently in Yoshida’s care and in a serious state. Followers can’t wait to see what becomes of her and how her capture will alter the story. Mark the date of release of  Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 and see how Asa and Yoshida’s adventurous story along with Denji’s recent concerns.

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Chainsaw Man is one of the best-selling manga series. Its huge popularity prompted the anime versions of the manga as well. The manga won the prestigious Harvey Awards for two consecutive years. All this boils down to one thing Chainsaw Man is worth reading and Chapter 149 is going to be released soon by the makers.

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